The following people agree that Japanese Family Court laws need amending to uphold and enforce the fundamental birthright that a child has regular, meaningful access to BOTH of his or her parents. The comments made on the petition are the views of the individual who made them and not our own views.

Name Location Email Comment Time Signed
Pano Georgiou Osaka, Japan I just want to be a part of my daughterfs life. 14/01/2020 16:43:17
Bae Sung-June Nagareyama Otakanomori, Japan Not Shown My baby son (9 months) was taken from me with the preparation of abduction from my wife and her relatives using the force of Japanese authorities. This separation came to my surprise and they want now all the rights to the child and want to show me only once every 3 months the baby in exchange for a satisfactory monthly pension. 14/01/2020 01:14:46
Dennis Mickevicius Holly, United States Not Shown I went through mediation at the family court in Osaka 2017 and have mediation agreements for visitation. All visitation has been violated and not honored. I had no contact with my children for 13 months after Osaka mediation until I had to use the Hauge Access. The family courts in japan are weak to abuse children and children need a stronger court to have access to both parents. Japan family laws violate the basic human rights of children. Children need to be loved by both parents and feel safe to love both parents. Please stop Japan family from hurting innocent children. 13/01/2020 18:13:41
David FLEMING Goldcoast, Australia My 3 children abducted by and abusive mother. Australian govt does nothing Japan is breaking children's rights and human rights. I am actively raising awareness and have banners contact me or find on Facebook we can protest in Brisbane and consulate. Fuck the abductors. 12/12/2019 08:30:38
Anne-Marie DUBOIS THOREY-EN-NPLAINE, France Not Shown 07/11/2019 11:02:10
DWAYNE SUMLIN FUSSA, Japan Not Shown i HAVE BEEN LIVING IN Japan since 2005, I separated from my wife in 2013 and now my wife will not allow me to see my son This started in 2018 and I want to know my rights as the father who is paying all her bills, and all my son's bills. 18/06/2019 20:10:55
Andrew Sheridan Perth, Australia Not Shown I have a daughter with my Japanese wife, and I would hate to think Ifd be unable to see my daughter if the marriage breaks down. 23/03/2019 08:50:31
Todd Judge Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 07/06/2018 04:36:30
Max Anderson Osaka, Japan Not Shown CHILDREN NEED BOTH THEIR PARENTS! My wife took my daughter away from me and doesn`t let me see her.I understand there are some cultural differences between divorce in Japan and the "West" but parents should have equal rights to their children. We are still married but she asked for mediation. My daughter loves and wants to see me and no one cannot take away her right to see me. We have to think from the child`s point of view, that is a common mistake usally made in the Japanese society. 01/06/2018 08:15:26
Edward Heinrich Sanchez-Gomez Onna Village, Japan Not Shown I am getting ready to sign divorce papers under the condition that my partner agrees on visitation rights and for me to gain full custody in case she is disabled or other. I want to remain a key part of our 9 year old daughter's education and upbringing. Fathers need to be a part of their daughter's lives. 20/03/2018 01:58:59
Patoriku Maki Osaka, Japan Not Shown American-born, naturalized Japanese citizen. I have been bullied physically and mentally by my ex-wife both during marriage and after divorce, and she has done everything in her power to steal my child away. The courts do not protect me or my son, and her lawyer is just as much of a bully. My son loves and needs me. I hope something will change. Japan is a wonderful place to live, but the child custody laws are dated, it's generally considered inappropriate to talk about discrimination against men, and many women take advantage of these for selfish reasons. 16/03/2018 03:19:55
Marcelo Kuriyama Gunma-ken Ota-shi, Japan Not Shown 07/02/2018 09:47:31
justin mcdowell st albans, United Kingdom i was foolish enough to have my only child with a japanese women. dont be fooled by them. i rose to top of my game in a world of criminals and nothing prepared me for the fuckery of marrying a jap. 19/01/2018 13:43:56
paul jones tokyo , Japan Not Shown THe stories here are the same , My wife said she love her friend and want to live like her , i thought it was a joke and 3 weeks after having our baby even though we went through a lot together before before i was in the shower when she ran away with our son , this is the worst pain i have ever had in my life . i just want to be part of my sons life . i dont even mind we live here for ever , but as long as i cant relate with him . PLEASE IF ANY ONE CAN HELP I AM DESPERATE 19/01/2018 06:13:59
WILLIAM CARRENO BOGOTA, Colombia Not Shown 10/01/2018 23:39:53
Lily Cao Hyogo , Japan Not Shown My wife suddenly lock my daughter away and stopped me going back home from September 11th after I come back from the zoo with my daughter.She is making all lies and excuses to stop me seeing my daughter.1,she said my lawyer will talk to you but no one talked to me2,she said my lawyer will only talk to you if you have a lawyer,she and her lawyer are very good sells people but I am not stupid I wonft pay for a lawyer for a useless mediation 3,I ask her why I canft see my daughter she and her lawyer said there is a great chance for you to kidnap your daughter!My gosh that is exactly what they are doing right now!I can not believe it?4,I asked her if I canft see her why I canft call her,she has no more excuses and let me make a few video calls and again use another excuse to cut me off.She said itfs too much calls.This is my story,I will never give up,I will use the law back home ,use the media to protect our rights and we have to fight for it ,we have to be united.My daughter just turned 3 last week and her heartless mother even didnft allow me to see her on her birthday.I ask God everyday who have give her the rights to take my rights away?Who give her the rights to decide when to see and Call my own daughter while Ifm still under a marriage and still have custody?Who give her the rights to lock me out from my own home without a court order?I know I am not alone letfs all stand up and fight for this 16/10/2017 22:44:55
CAO DON Amagasaki, Japan I totally agree.This country doesnft have rights 16/10/2017 06:53:56
Gayan Rajapaksha Uenohara , Japan Not Shown My wife took my two kids and I donft know their whereabouts. she claims that I verbaly abuse her and that is was not the situations, I was deciplining my kids by raising my voice once in a while. Never used bad language in any means just asked them sleep before 9pm, clean their mess. All of a sudden I became an Abuser In the eyes of the police. Any father or mother needs to have their right to see their children. 15/10/2017 04:54:31
Brandon Houston Chatan Okinawa, Japan Not Shown 03/10/2017 05:11:54
Louis Williams Nabari, Japan Not Shown 08/09/2017 06:58:31
Pierre Allec Mitaka, Japan Not Shown 31/08/2017 14:18:30
Kim Glatkowski Seattle, United States Not Shown So sad, We are currently faced with a similar situation with my great niece and nephew 24/07/2017 19:09:32
Christine Jones Ellesmere port, United Kingdom Not Shown All children need to know where their parents are and have regular contact,it is not an adults right to deny them that 19/07/2017 22:03:01
Calvin Jones Fukuoka, Japan Not Shown I think it's absolutely disgusting the way that the legal system works in this country. I myself grew up without a father and it affected me greatly. I had a heated argument with my mother inlaw and it resulted in them hiding my wife. Forcing divorce and disallowing me to be a father. I could write for hours about this. But action should be taken!! 18/07/2017 12:56:32
Ben Ridge Tokyo, Japan Not Shown I moved to Japan to start a family because I had lost confidence in relationships between men and women in the West (thanks to 3rd-wave feminism, Marxism etc.). My mistake was not knowing enough about Japanese culture before I jumped in head first. Therefore, I want to make it very clear that I am not a victim - everything that happened to me in Japan I admit is my fault for putting myself in a situation and involving myself with a woman who would behave the way she did. Also, had I known more about Japanese culture I would have never married an Japanese woman. Hindsight is 20/20. Anyway, I got married to a Japanese woman about a year after meeting because we seemed to have the same goals about wanting a family. We didn't love each other (not that Japanese even have a concept of "love" like we do in the West) but I was dedicated to the relationship. I had a vibrant career in Computer Animation in America but I quickly realized the CG industry in Japan was far different - exploitative, exhausting, and overall dysfunctional (oh well!). I accepted a low paying job at a studio in Sapporo and assumed that I would have to work back up the 3DCG ladder. I gave my then wife 100% of my salary every month and was given a tiny allowance to live on while she managed the household... I was told by her and her mother that that was the Japanese standard. Later I found out that people our age don't do this anymore. Inevitably my salary was not enough to live comfortably on, and there was no sight of a raise in the future. On top of that the stress was so bad that it was affecting my health; I knew something had to change. My ex-wife suggested that I search for a job in her rural home town, and out of desperation I did find an English teaching job there. I knew it was a horrible move, career suicide, and an insult to my skills... but I knew I could not stay in Sapporo. Before I was scheduled to start the English teaching job, we went to America on vacation. While we were in America I contacted my former studio. My former president said he'd love to have me back and offered me a position if I was willing to move back to America, and with an even higher salary than I was making previously. After consulting with my ex she eventually agreed to move to America. We went back to Japan and started planning. I signed the employment contract, and a lease at my old apartment. But then 2 weeks before we were supposed to move she refused the entire plan. I was shocked, angry, and did not know what to do (I should have moved without her). I did not want to be separated from my son, so I cancelled the entire plan, and lost a great deal of respect with my former employer. My ex wanted me to continue with the English teaching job plan; I knew that was 1 option, but I ran the math and told her that in the long run an English teaching job in her tiny home town was not only not going to provide for us, but it was also going to ruin my career that I had worked so hard for; the career that was supposed to provide for us. So I started looking for jobs in Tokyo and I was lucky (ya right, no job in Japan is "lucky" to have) enough to find a job at Denso, 1 of Japan's largest corporations. We found the cheapest apartment we could and planned the move; but yet again roughly 2 weeks before the move, she refused and said she wanted to stay in her home town with her mother. I was angry, but convinced her to at least give it a try. We moved back to Tokyo but it was clear she was not interested in making it work. I think she moved back to her hometown within 1 month, and I was left alone in a foreign country, sending her practically all my earnings each month. It's worth noting that during various fights she had often mentioned that she WANTED to get divorced and become a single mother because the Japanese welfare system would pay for all her needs. She said she had friends who were divorced and they were doing just fine. What a racket! At some point living alone in Tokyo, I came to my senses and realized that I was being used. She had already used me for my DNA (she always wanted a cute half-breed baby, and often talked about getting her child into baby modeling [which I was opposed to]). It wasn't just my DNA that was being used, it was my salary. I assume that was her plan all along (she never liked Tokyo). Marry a foreigner, get him to move somewhere else, collect his money, and live with her mother (who is also divorced...). When we divorced we made a verbal agreement that I would pay her every month and she would send me pictures, that we would video chat, and that I could come see him whenever I wanted. But she has been VERY uncooperative, never contacting me unless I badger her about it, and she has made nothing by excuses every time I try and go see my son (who is now 4). I really want a resolution to this, but I also have to get on with my own life. Part of me even toys with the idea of giving her what she wants and dropping contact with her and my son completely, but if I do this I know I will regret it and end up hating myself. 08/06/2017 04:04:03
Steven Bradshaw Kurashiki shi, Japan I'm currently going throught some tough times with my japanese wife and she is trying to keep my son away from me. We have been married for 3 years and this is our first child. 19/05/2017 00:21:16
ben biles Niigata, Japan Not Shown The international community needs to put pressure on Japan to modernise its family law. in terms of both abductions and child access for parents. 07/03/2017 02:57:02
Susan Szempruch New York, United States Not Shown We are currently in this position. 28/12/2016 16:48:46
Rudy Van Veen Buckley, United States Not Shown 27/11/2016 15:48:32
Tahney Jones Seattle, United States Not Shown 25/11/2016 05:58:34
Kerri Wilson Bradenton, United States Not Shown 25/11/2016 04:33:30
Jesse Jonassen Chadstone , Australia Not Shown My daughter was taken July 2015, the Hague convention Did not work....!!!!! Any chance of a left behind parents get together and protest against Japan's heartless system? 12/11/2016 03:52:20
Callum Starr Canberra, Australia Not Shown 31/07/2016 01:52:03
tichauya chinyoka Gaborone, Botswana Not Shown 14/07/2016 08:13:06
Madeline Nesic Geelong, Australia Not Shown My beautiful cousin was abducted from my uncle in Australia, and I personally haven't seen her in years. He has no right to see her but goes to Japan often to find out where she is and meet with other men who are in the same boat. Perhaps she was too young to understand at the time what was going on, but she lives her father and even if she did not want to move back to Australia permanently, she definitely wants to see her father and house again, and be able to spend time there. 29/04/2016 01:17:15
Matt Hollinshead Chiba, Japan Not Shown 16/03/2016 05:37:08
guillaume pavese Kyoto, Japan I am the father of a small baby, her mother refuses me the right to see him. 30/01/2016 03:25:17
Yasmine De Backer Schriek, Belgium Not Shown 19/10/2015 15:40:15
Curtis Nyssen Seattle, United States I am currently in the process of a divorce with a Japanese national. I have moved back to the United States and my wife is using the full extent of the Japanese Law to prevent me from seeing or being with my son. He is/was my life. Something has to be done about the injustice of parental rights in Japan. Not just for the international fathers but that of Japanese fathers also. 04/10/2015 18:18:36
Chase VanDuzer Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 22/08/2015 03:57:31
nancy priela paranaque, Philippines Not Shown 15/08/2015 13:24:05
Jason Ayers Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 08/04/2015 13:57:28
Joelle danielle paris, France Not Shown Ken and Kris we love you. Don't forget us. We are your family. Love. 31/10/2014 18:57:36
MARY STACEY lincolnshire, Japan Not Shown I am a grandparent. Its very sad for me not seeing my granddaughter. 29/10/2014 10:51:32
jacob pike fukuoka, Japan Not Shown This stinks!!! The courts need to stop living in 1950 06/10/2014 04:56:35
Amy Kobos Hendersonville, United States Not Shown My brother only gets to see his son, if he is lucky, 3 hours a month. He pays his exwife alimony (supports her 100% financially) and pays a lot in child support. The mother always comes up with "excuses" why she will not let him see their child. It's only ruining the child. Give fathers rights to see their children please! It's only hurting the kids!!!!!! 21/09/2014 23:30:55
Craig Wehrle Yokohama, Japan Japan is a hypocritical nation as it concerns itself with internationalization, north korea kidnapping issues but yet allows this barbaric, psychologically damaging system to continue. 20/08/2014 04:30:01
Richard Martinez Towada Aomori, Japan Not Shown 07/07/2014 17:56:34
Courtland Mangum takamatsu, Japan Not Shown 22/06/2014 02:28:10
Rebecca Cooper St. Thomas, Canada Not Shown 03/05/2014 14:20:42
John Conners Gifu, Japan I have this story. It follows me wherever I go. Whenever I tell this story I notice each response varies across a broad spectrum. The person listening usually tells me that it's the most boring story ever, or they sarcastically antagonize me and say it is so interesting that they want to write about it someday. I live and work in Japan. I am a thirty-four year old single man. I have a thirteen year old daughter, who doesn't want anything to do with me, and an ex-wife, who is Japanese and hates me because she thinks I ruined her life. I was never unfaithful. However, I was young and inexperienced and immature. After the marriage didn't work out, the ex and my daughter moved to Japan. After realizing I needed my daughter in my life, I moved to Japan as well. It's been two years and I've seen my daughter for a total of six hours and thirty-four minutes. Do you know how many hours or minutes are in two years? Seventeen-thousand-five-hundred-twenty hours, or one-million-fifty-one-thousand-two-hundred minutes. I've seen my daughter 0 .00037481 percent of that time. There are three zeros before a zero! Now, can we agree that that is zero percent of my time here in Japan. I know that many people have suffered a lot more. It is not all about me. But it is hard not to think about my daughter every waking hour that I am in Japan. This is a hardship that can't be let go; one that must be talked about and understood. If not for me, for the sake of all fathers who love their daughters. Strangers are rather curious as to know how long I was married or why I got divorced. They are not surprised that I am not remarried. After listening I think they often leave the conversation with a calm feeling that they are not the only ones suffering in this life, for it is easier to relate to others who are weak, because most of us are. But for a young Japanese woman to find out that I have a daughter, and I am divorced, can be an instant deal breaker. The problem is I choose to be ethical and tell them the truth, which almost always ends on a less than epic note. Obversely, the sympathetic woman, who can handle it scares the hell out me because it means she is probably more mature than I am. This secure woman, I imagine, can see right through my thin skin, right through all the holes in my boundary. Do women like this exist in Japan? I think they do but are very rare. Friends, or more concerned individuals, ask me if I get to see my daughter. But they are disheartened when I tell them that we don't see each other. A sob story, I know. The protagonist in the story needs redemption, I know. A little heroism, I know. A little more effort and fight, I know. That is what is missing for people, and I agree a solution needs to be found. I haven't tried everything to build a relationship with my daughter, but I have tried everything in my power to let her know that I am here and that I love her. I do not label her. I do not negate her desire. People can visualize the other so damn incompletely, melting a persona down to some infinite label. I love my daughter and will not label her. We are capable of funny things, us humans, and projections are one of those funny things. A projection is an ideal; ideals give us a sense of gratification where we attach beliefs and find meaning. They mean absolutely nothing, to someone else, therefore, no one cares. Now, the weird thing is, you are not strangers anymore with someone after you have told them your sob story and you are neither friends and they now wished you never told it and you wished you never told it, too, because you have shared something intimate and they will leave you like someone does after they have gotten what they wanted. I mean, they have crossed into your personal boundary. You let them in, and you understanding or realizing dumping your personal baggage onto someone else is to burden them with your selfishness. So the story is better off untold and you are better of remaining stoic and confident and strong. Besides, no one respects the weak, they respect the strong. But is defeat all that bad? Adversity is not that hard to overcome. You were weak to tell your story then and you are weaker now for telling it again, but If you are a parent who is doing your best, then that is all you can do. Listen to my story because when I tell it I don't feel empowered or relieved, but instead I feel my own story has defeated me and I am fearful that I will only grow closer to defeat the more time has passed. I am scared of being useless to my daughter the entire time I'm in Japan. It's a projection when people say, "what's your story," or "what's with you?" This usually means they think that something is wrong with you. It is okay if there is something wrong. This is where we find society has defeated us, or failed us. Because people see "your story" in the way you interact, the way you communicate with your body, the way you look into someone's eyes. And when they find out what that person's story is it usually justifies their image of you. Well, I have this feeling that society is responsible for society. We just don't know how to respond to each other. We assume way to much and form impressions way to easily about each other. It is the way we are wired up. We use assumptions and predictions to experiment with life and survive, to drive automobiles and do tedious jobs at a mediocre pace. I assume my story is in fact a prison for my past self. If that is true, then I am still trapped and responsible for freeing myself from the walls of defeat that enclose me. I am still wondering when my daughter will communicate with me? Why, at the age of thirteen, she has no use for her father to be in her life? I begin to wonder: what the hell am I doing here? What use am I? Is there anything worse than being of no use to your own child? 09/04/2014 21:24:28
paul gilmour london, United Kingdom my son is in Japan with his mother. we were divorced and I saw him regularly. one day i asked to see him at my home but she refused and called police and the next day she was gone from her home Since then I have been refused a visa to stay in Japan and was deported after overstaying. i cannot see my son and cannot get any help in returning to Japan from our government 30/01/2014 13:02:22
Martina Myrberg Jönköping, Sweden Not Shown 26/12/2013 01:43:17
Ted Ryon Mechanicsburg, PA, United States Not Shown 26/11/2013 20:47:57
Mark Alder narashino, Japan Not Shown 18/10/2013 13:18:08
MICHAEL Unknown Unknown, United States Not Shown IT'S ALL IN GOD'S HANDS PEOPLE. "NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER". -ISAIAH 54:17 25/09/2013 06:14:32
Michael Hacking Osaka,, Japan My Japanese wife wanted a quick Divorce 38 months ago, basically citing 'domestic abuse. She took our then 29 month old child and went back to her parents to live. 4 months later she decided to reunite and move back in. But she had got us evicted from our rented home in her name, and it took her 5 months to arrange a suitable apartment for the 3 of us. At my expense we finally moved back to a place 5 minutes from where we first lived, but she again wants a quick divorce again now I don't have enough work to support us. I decided to Repatriate to the UK and try and support from a distance, and agreed to the divorce to help her. Then she began saying she wouldn't allow me to visit our daughter in Japan. I wrote some Our Agreement for 'Regular Communication/Unrestricted Visitation' 17/09/2013 02:40:24
Dale Thomas Kyoto, Japan 04/09/2013 08:45:59
Kevin Kobos Niigata, Japan The idea that a child is actually better off when not allowed to see one of his loving parents is a myth that this country needs to get rid of, just like the idea of not taking a bath when you're sick. Wake up!!! 02/09/2013 12:14:26
Richard Grumbine Arao, Japan Not Shown Japan is sometimes an appalling nation... 25/08/2013 20:13:01
Alvin Gounder Tsu, Japan Not Shown 25/07/2013 11:58:46
Richard Leslie Burton Hadano, Kanagawa, Japan There are situations where allegations of domestic violence are true. In those cases safe 'shelter' is protective isolation with probably the more able parent. However, what if the allegations of domestic violence are false? Then the safe 'shelter' is a destructive isolation confining the child with the less able parent, moreover a parent with an obvious malicious intent. The child is then exposed to brainwashing by a very malicious parent. 21/07/2013 03:58:20
jean francolini charlottesville, United States Not Shown A child needs a loving mother and a loving father in their lives with equal time for each. 20/06/2013 20:26:26
Lisa Loudermilk Glen Allen, Va, United States 17/06/2013 14:51:37
miguel cruz-cosio reno, United States If Japanese government says its a "family issue" then the Japanese government must not cause trouble and move on and let the "Family issue" be resolved by the family. 06/06/2013 03:48:08
ashley anderson Tokyo, Japan My japanese wife has taken my 8month old daughter and wont let me see her. We are still married although she she is speedily trying to push our divorce. The pain never stops. I miss you princess. 29/05/2013 12:45:54
Justin Challener Isehara, Japan Japanese law is institutionally racist and discriminates treats all men (including Japanese) as the guilty party in marital breakdowns. My female Japanese lawyer cinfirmed this to me. If your child has been abducted by their Japanese parent, please contact me now; we need to take work together to do justice and stop the abuse of our children by Japan. Let's share our experiences and take some action. 12/05/2013 04:40:51
jessica stewart machida, Japan Not Shown 12/05/2013 04:24:36
Ronald Scott Fukushima-shi, Japan Not Shown I'm having difficulties right now. Anyone have the number of a good lawyer? 23/04/2013 23:19:22
JUDITH HOMBRAVELLA barcelona, Spain Not Shown good luck to those parents and kids 30/03/2013 10:48:24
Douglas Jarrell Nagoya, Japan Not Shown 19/03/2013 00:39:03
Nicholas Robinson Montreal, Canada Not Shown My son has ben "soft"-abducted, my term for abduction but with access. Currently the "access" is limited to once-a-week video chats (he's now 11) and once-a-year 2-week visits to Japan -- I stay in a hotel -- but my god, it's better than nothing and my heart just turns somersaults when I consider those fathers (it's always fathers) not as fortunate as myself. To be deprived of all contact with one's children is a special kind of hell, and in my case, I am going to cunningly bide my time until he's old enough to make decisions for himself and then I am going to do my best to ensure that she never sees him again. The Japanese as a race are two-faced, heartless robots and I suggest to ANYONE now in a relationship with a Japanese woman to NEVER, EVER marry her and under NO circumstance have a child with her. It will all go very, very badly for you. Don't pay attention to the perhaps 2% of marriages that actually stay together -- in all likelihood yours WILL FAIL and you will NEVER SEE YOUR CHILDREN AGAIN until they are of the age of consent, and that's if they're even permitted to know you ever existed. 10/03/2013 16:57:10
Robert Waterman Wangaratta, Australia Not Shown 07/03/2013 00:05:10
Richard Young London, United Kingdom Not Shown 27/01/2013 17:52:32
Eric Rich Yokkiachi, Japan Not Shown 21/01/2013 04:45:05
Christine Scott London, United Kingdom Not Shown 15/01/2013 13:49:46
Daniel Hougham Hiroshima, Japan Not Shown 12/01/2013 11:55:51
Peter Smith Yokkaichi, Japan Not Shown Japan will pay for its sins some day. I will be there to smile 16/12/2012 02:07:49
antonio cresce London, United Kingdom Not Shown My wife is japanese, we are currently going through divorce in UK and she has threatened me of taking our daughter (2 yrs old) to Japan 14/12/2012 16:41:13
Tim Johnston Tim Johnston Kai Endo Narita, chiba, Japan Not Shown December 2012 edition of Tokyo Familes magazine: 04/12/2012 14:41:58
Steven Tepe pasadena CA, United States Father of japanese son 04/12/2012 03:21:19
mark Redmond Tokyo, Japan My son has just been kidnapped from his home in Tokyo by his racist grandparents..and he is already being mistreated...such cruelty is unbelievable. 20/11/2012 06:24:15
Warren Cross Everton Park, Australia Not Shown 14/10/2012 22:59:50
peter Apps tokyothere is no reason in the world , Japan Not Shown 14/10/2012 12:28:47
Barbara Daly Yokosuka, Japan Not Shown In Japan when a Mother is granted Custody of her Children in Divorce, it should not mean that the Children are prevented from visitation from their Father. To do so is psychologically damaging to the Children as well as to the Father who is totally cast out of their lives and is frequently demonized by the custodial parent. Japan should realize that Children have the right to be loved by both parents and change this uncompassionate law that prevents a Father from taking part in his Children's lives. The World is Waiting and Watching Japan for you to do the right thing, especially for the sake of the Children, who through no fault of their own, have to feel abandoned by a loving Father. 11/10/2012 12:50:41
janice Hinton Peoria, Japan My son came back from Japan last year after living there for almost 20 years. He married a Japanese woman about 8 years younger than him and they had one child together a boy. The marriage lasted about 5 years and she wanted a divorce within three years of their marriage. He wanted her to try and make the marriage work but she refused. She stated she was to young to get married and to young to have a child. She put my son through h ell by threatening him constantly. She had been caught by her father leaving my little grandson alone by himself when he was a toddler and my son had caught her several times after that. She went and got a divorce without my son knowing it. He had to leave Japan and now she will hardly let my son talk to their child. Now it is getting worse. We fear for this child and their is nothing we can do. Japan sits on their butts and does nothing. If anything happens to my grandson I will hold Japan accountable for it. 02/09/2012 02:01:47
Duchêne Benjamin Toulouse, France Not Shown 16/08/2012 22:17:59
Richard Hudson Kashima, Japan Not Shown My wife refuses to let me speak to or see my 2 boys, no response since June 2011, i live 2 hours south. 16/08/2012 09:12:43
Leslie Davis Shanghai, China Not Shown It's just not right! 21/07/2012 02:27:37
Kerry Dolan Sydney, Australia Not Shown Haven't seen my nephew for 2 years now. His cousins miss him so much. He is being held by his Japanese mother and 'new' Japanese father with no contact with his real father or any of his extended Australian family. He is being actively poisoned against all of us. So very sad 20/07/2012 22:34:14
Renato Del Vasto Tokyo, Japan My wife just left and went to his parets with our 3yo son and do not reply to my calls, or even let me see / talk to the baby. She wrote to me making me talk to him hearts her feelings.... 14/06/2012 10:33:38
Warren Mcgaw wakayama, Japan Not Shown Do this for the children, so they can grow into normal loving adults! 07/06/2012 07:34:21
Rick Romanko Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 03/06/2012 09:21:36
julius anthony machida, kanagawa, Japan my daughter was trafic fro canada in 2001. then abducted and currently abused. a lot to say but have to stop here for now. TONY. 02/05/2012 03:55:11
Trent Citrano Yokohama, Japan Not Shown Please be open and fair! 19/04/2012 14:16:25
Niall Keegan Yokohama, Japan Not Shown 15/04/2012 12:05:11
Catherine Gauci malta, Malta Not Shown A father has a fundamental human right to have contact with his children - Japan has to wake up. My brother has been fighting the courts now for 2 years. The situation is heartbreaking for our side of the family. It is so painful to lose our children. They need us too. 18/03/2012 07:31:06
Motohiro Sugiyama Kyoto, Japan Not Shown 18/03/2012 03:06:32
Deirdre Morice Australia, Australia A child needs to have regular and meaning access to a loving father and our granddaughter deserves this even more so, as my son was so responsible for her in her early years in Japan. My granddaugher also needs to feel secure in her dual background - she is half Japanese and half Australian afterall. We miss her dearly..... 03/03/2012 03:08:50
Rosy Strong Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 27/02/2012 01:00:35
Bernadette Northeast Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia Not Shown 23/02/2012 08:55:59
Yvonne Marschke New Norfolk, Australia Not Shown Give parents equal rights 23/02/2012 08:14:02
Rich Ringling Yokosuka, Japan Not Shown 22/02/2012 09:07:08
Lindsay Soden Brantford, Canada Not Shown 22/02/2012 03:46:14
Rachal Morice Camberwell, Australia Not Shown A happy child is having the love/contact from/with both parents!!!! 22/02/2012 01:49:13
Cameron Ling Wollongong, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 23:12:47
Michael Morice Levendale, Australia Not Shown A mentally ill mother is given a child while the loving father who raised her is given visitation rights of 3 one hour sessions per year! Does this sound right? This is so bad for the child. 21/02/2012 20:41:17
Susan Morice Levendale, Australia Not Shown Currently what is happening to my beautiful nephew is so wrong on every level and hasn't taken into consideration the rights and needs of the child. 21/02/2012 20:34:42
Camille Hogan Alstonville, Australia Not Shown Kids need both parents. 21/02/2012 19:48:27
Scott Maltby Minamiashigara City, Japan Not Shown It's time for the only pacifist country in the world to start showing compassion in its family laws. 21/02/2012 12:11:56
Steve Allard Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 21/02/2012 12:04:15
Ayako Shanks Nagaizumi-cho, Japan Not Shown 21/02/2012 12:03:25
David Barrett Tsujido, Japan Not Shown 21/02/2012 11:27:42
Jenny Munro Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Think about the child, not the adult. 21/02/2012 11:11:54
Alina Gavel Singapore, Singapore Not Shown 21/02/2012 10:54:54
Lauren Keim Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 10:00:57
Phil Harris Warranwood, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 09:28:39
Grace Thompson Hobaru , Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 08:35:27
Travis Ion Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 21/02/2012 08:24:54
Craig Wehrle Yokohama, Japan Not Shown Japan needs to recognize issues like this in order to truly be a leader in the world. Until then they will unfortunately be seen as a backwards, closed society. It is unfortunate considering the great things the country has to offer the world. 21/02/2012 08:12:54
Emily Wheatley Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 07:36:16
Sean Morice Melbourne, Australia Not Shown Children should have the right to have 2 parents. Parents should have the right to love and care for their children 21/02/2012 06:44:34
Nicolas Gregoriades Yokohama, Japan Not Shown 21/02/2012 06:04:19
Kim Conway Surrey, Canada Not Shown 21/02/2012 05:58:59
Lee Tisdall-McPhee Beijing , China 21/02/2012 05:42:41
Theresa Binning New Plymouth, New Zealand Not Shown The Japanese Family Court laws need to amend their laws and enforce the fundamental birthright that a child has regular, meaningful access to BOTH of his or her parents - it's it the only healthy way - and fair way. 21/02/2012 05:33:59
Jessica Rohde Nelbourne, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 05:11:43
Patricia Cossey Phnom Penh, Cambodia Not Shown A child has the right to grow up knowing the love and support and care of both their mother and father. This is vital to the well being of the child and his/her parents. 21/02/2012 05:11:14
Melissa Ozkoch Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 04:57:43
Corinne Metcalfe Bowen Island, Canada 21/02/2012 04:38:04
Katie Thompson Hobart, Australia Not Shown It is so important for both parents to have constant contact with both parents 21/02/2012 04:26:25
josh conway Surrey, Canada Good luck! I will pray that proper justice prevails. 21/02/2012 04:07:58
Ayako Nakamori Yokohama, Japan Not Shown I do this for their kids. 21/02/2012 03:50:40
Elaine Yandeau Yokohama, Japan Not Shown I completely support this proposed amendment. It is know world-wide that these type of laws regarding custody need to change in Japan. 21/02/2012 03:46:30
Alisha Farrugia Melbourne , Australia 21/02/2012 03:29:47
Stephanie Thurlow Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 03:22:36
ben morice Hobart, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 03:15:31
Bonnie Armstrong Tokyo, Japan Not Shown Please allow visitation rights to parents...courts need to get involved so that one parent doesn't decide the rules. Let's play fair. The children are the ones missing out! 21/02/2012 03:10:08
Anne Sweeney Saint Paul, United States Not Shown 21/02/2012 02:51:14
Kristie-Lee Douros Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 21/02/2012 02:47:43
Gerard Morice Yokohama, Japan Not Shown Please sign Japan, please! 21/02/2012 02:23:24
Elizabeth Newbigging Conway, United States Not Shown My son needs his children back and I need my grandchildren. 04/02/2012 04:29:18
Steven Crawford Gifu, Japan Not Shown I am father fighting right now to see my children. My wife falsing accuse me of DV and having a hard time fighting this claim. I hope someone can help me with this issue. Steven Crawford 21/12/2011 07:28:47
angela holmes broadstairs, United Kingdom Not Shown happy birthday,emily and hayley holmes 21st&28th dec,last seen in uk 2004,the pain is worse this time of the you both darlings,nanny and grandad & daddy 14/12/2011 00:04:00
Tim Johnston Narita, Japan Not Shown The Japanese Mediation courts in Japan have been a joke.I finished my fifth meeting and they could not reach any resolution with the alienator. Only in Japan could it be one sided and the mother walks away unless you keep fighting. Well I'm here for the long term and not gonna be bullied by the Mother or the lack of rights for Parents in Japan. She played her game and thinks I will leave after the Earthquake and She can show her arrogant attitude in a country where she is protected.under the current laws. This is 2011 and this kind of thing should not happen to a loving Father who only wants to make sure his son is o.k. and is loved. I Love you Kai and will always continue the fight for equal rights in Japan. No Child nor Parent should have to go through this kind of ordeal and be brainwashed and controlled by one parents. Lets hope the laws change in 2012! Parents rights/equal rights/Human rights. 11/12/2011 12:47:03
jake pike fukuoka, Japan Where are the human righs? Are we foreign nationals living in Japan not human aswell? Japan you are a discrace!!! and the rest of the world should be outraged at the blatent disregard for human rights in Japan! 08/12/2011 08:33:36
Myles Taylor Oita city, Japan Not Shown Ive had visitation with my now four year old son every weekend for two years now. This I achieved solely through my not having Japanese representation at our divorce mediation. Now two years later my ex has decided, well rather through advice from other solo-mothers, living in her government provided accomodation. This over-frequent (according to Japanese standards) visitation has caused her so much stress she is unable to work her job, which in effect places more financial pressure on me to raise the past aggreed child maintenance fee. Mid 2011, now I have retained a lawyer, and the whole th9ng has gone totally wrong. It cost me a fortune, and now my lawyer just seems to be forcing me to succumb to the peer pressure, and my son and I now each have sleepless nights and tearful phone conversations on a cell phone I purchased for him, 1 year ago. I am disgusted as the legal aids in these so called family courts have absolutely no consideration for the children, in all these cases. Its just the will of the shin-ken-sha (legal guardian) and the fact they want the other parent to disappear indefinately. Sweeping something under the carpet will never make the problem go away. I feel sorry for Japan, because in about 10 - 15 years time, there are going to be some very angry and frustrated youths coming of age, watch-out!!! Its gonna come back at ya!!! 27/11/2011 07:49:59
Allison Martin McLean, United States Not Shown The laws need to change as children need their other parents. Bring Abducted Children Home (BACHome; is dedicated to the immediate return of internationally abducted children who are being wrongfully detained in Japan who also strives to end Japanfs human rights violation of denying children unfettered access to both parents. 25/11/2011 17:04:26
aiko mae takahashi lapu-lapu city, Philippines Not Shown i want to find my real father... 09/10/2011 13:56:36
Lawyer Anonymous Washington, United States Not Shown The REAL reason behind many of these child abductions by Japanese women-MONEY.The Japanese government is complicit in these abductions by paying large monthly benefits to Japanese single mothers.The average Japanese single mother can SCAM the local authorities and the government of over US $2000 pm in social welfare benefits. If a child is kidnapped in the US and a ransom is demanded, the perpetrator will go to jail.However, in Japan single Japanese mothers have realised that such behavior is not only tolerated,but rewarded to the tune of over US $2000 per month.How much does that add upto over the course of 20 years.That's US $24,000 per year.Multiple that by 20 years. That's a grand TOTAL of US $480,000. Japanese women rewarded to the tune of HALf A MILLION DOLLARS (US $500,000) for the act(CRIME) of kidnapping. Japanese women are farming children with foreign men who they subsequently abandon once they have children.BEWARE!This is a SCAM purpetrated by Japanese women to SCAM the Japanese Government! The average monthly social welfare benefit that a women with 3 children gets is about $2,300 per month-well above western countries and well above the average salary of a Japanese working woman. FOREIGN MEN-be very aware of this SCAM that is becoming very popular amongst Japanese women. 26 minutes ago · Like · 19/08/2011 21:42:32
Louis Wellington II Flushing NY, United States Not Shown The only thing "private" here is the relationship between the 2 ex-spouses. These parents did not divorce their children! Kidnapping is a crime and it needs to be recognized as such. Please do not punish the child by robbing it of 1 or both parents. Social appearances do not come before the welfare of the child. 27/07/2011 05:27:49
Mark Fenn Singapore, Singapore Not Shown 16/07/2011 11:40:31
Leah Scholes Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 16/07/2011 08:02:41
Brendan Dailey Bangkok, Thailand Not Shown This is a consequence of the inherent racism of the Japanese. I fear for how the children of these separations are treated in a country of forced unanimous conformity. 16/07/2011 04:25:45
simon o'callaghan melbourne, Australia Not Shown 16/07/2011 03:29:38
Cassie Macalpine Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 16/07/2011 01:06:24
Rachael Dickson Darraweit Guim, Australia Not Shown I miss not having direct contact with my nephew we send Birthday and Christmas wishes and presents not knowing if they get to him, my children miss out growing up with their cousin and only know him through rare photos we have of him, he has a large extened family here in Australia who love and miss him greatly! 15/07/2011 17:37:05
Christopher Powell Daegu, South Korea Not Shown 15/07/2011 10:26:14
Benjamin Dickson melbourne, Australia It is thoroughly miserable for my son and myself that we have not seen each other in over 18 months. My ex wont even allow video conversation over the internet, No one in the world is able to get away with this- why can Japanese people? 15/07/2011 09:57:49
Joëlle TREGUIER Paris, France Not Shown Shame on this country, Japan, and its unequal rights. Now what's the benefit for the children who have LOST their Father FOR EVER? REMEMBER, a Father is first of all a human being and separated from his beloved kids he suffers more than you can imagine so what does he expects from life in such conditions? NOTHING. 19/06/2011 14:52:19
Jenny Streater Newport News, VA, United States Not Shown My husbands x-wife and daughter are in Japan and have cut communication. This is so important because a childs relationship with the father is so crucial. This will give us a chance to love her too. 06/06/2011 01:29:39
B. R. Gherbetti New Westminster, BC, Canada Not Shown My three daughters were abducted to Japan by their Japanese mother September 2009. Rion Suzuki, Lauren Gherbetti and Julia Gherbetti ages 6,4,2 yrs (now 8,6,4). I have not seen or spoken to them since. Parental alienation is child abuse. Japan has to answer to the international community, sign the Hague and change their laws to be ably to comply with joint custody, co-parenting after divorce. 23/05/2011 18:31:29
David Muir Tsukuba, Japan My wife has taken my two beautiful kids away from me and now lives with her parents. I'm shocked to learn that I can't even SEE my OWN kids not even just to say "Hello". This insanity must stop now because there are many Japanese spouses who are leveraging this unbelievably dumb system to do whatever they want and in most cases...not for the benefit of the kids involved. These people are PLAYING the Japanese government like a violin and what's worse...right under their noses yet Japan claims they're right on top of being for the family unit...what a joke that is. I hope that Japan FINALLY wakes up to the fact that there are many sick people out there who use this very system to fulfill their own selfish needs. 05/05/2011 16:26:19
Ethan W. Sapporo, Japan Not Shown Kids have rights too. We can not let their rights be ignored as well. When Kids are isolated from their non custodial parent then psychological problems will arise. It becomes a problem for society too. 26/04/2011 13:46:23
Joel Karhu Kyoto, Japan I couldn't agree more, it all happened to me too. 06/04/2011 20:19:21
Patrick McPike Yokohama-Shi, Japan Not Shown My wife is currently "kidnapping" my kids within Japan... while we are still married. 27/03/2011 09:57:49
E M Novi, United States Not Shown This is a ridiculous situation. 23/03/2011 16:03:20
Joanna Metcalfe Yokohama, Japan Not Shown I'm married to a Japanese National and we have a child together that is to be born later this year. I am horrified that I might have no rights to our child under the current law. Best Wishes. Joanna 02/03/2011 10:43:37
Sarah Terrail Paris, France Not Shown 22/02/2011 06:01:31
X Andrew Tokyo, Japan Not Shown Children of international marriages in Japan often experience discrimination simply because they do not match the image of what people are esupposedf to be: ethnically Japanese. In all my years teaching these kids in Japan, I never met one who didnft claim to have suffered bullying in one form or another. These longtermers perpetuate the otherness that feed bullying. Itfs absolutely tragic for those who are on the receiving end of bullying in their formative years. I've worked in Japanese public schools for 4 years now and I've seen the effects of bullying and too many kids with no character. Japanese "culture" that they are so proud of is not as great as it is portrayed to be ... 11/02/2011 10:54:52
Mislov Jore Kanagawa,Japan, Japan Not Shown There is no way I would let ANY Japanese person babysit my kids nor will my kids will never go to a Japanese's house to play. 30% of Japaneses adults have been diagnosed with some kind of mental illness and you could safely double that figure for the non-diagnosed cases. This society is getting sicker and sicker, but the worst part of the whole thing is the lack of apathy of the parents and the judicial system, which usually lets them off the hook and puts them back with their children. Kids falling off balconies, babies burn with hot iron, as well as whackos stabbing kids,etc is extremely disconcerting. What's happening to this society? Japan is a really scary place these days, yet the Japanese still insist it is the safest country in the world. And for some reason Japanese authorities still believe the child is better off with the mother than the father after a divorce. 10/02/2011 15:16:08
stephen brady clonmel, Ireland Not Shown my son was abducted back to japan 2 years ago. i have not seen him since. nobody could/has been able to help me! 03/02/2011 22:18:00
antuvan dindisyan nagoya shi, Japan my wife and her family stole my child ! 31/01/2011 00:33:54
Jason Everett Thompson San Francisco, United States Not Shown 18/01/2011 06:31:27
SOFIA SANDOVAL Kearny, United States Not Shown 06/01/2011 21:59:46
E. L tokyo, Japan Not Shown Japanese Family Court have to stop immediatly to destroy lives of parents and childrens foreigners. 02/01/2011 17:32:46
Guillaume TRONQUET TOKYO, Japan We should not have to fight against states for they apply basic human rights. I am dreaming of a world where every institution respect the fundamental rights of individuals. May this sign help for this dream to come true one day. 24/12/2010 05:45:02
THOMAS CURRY ZUSHI, Japan THOMASWCURRYJR-atsymbol-YAHOO.COM I have a 8 yr old daughter here in Japan her mother refuses to let me see her. We were together for 4 years but never married. I'm aware the system here in Japan does not favor the father wondering what can be done "out the box" that is legal I have a few ideas but don't won't to go to jail. 21/12/2010 10:58:26
Neal Prager Austin, United States Not Shown 21/12/2010 01:14:38
David Prager San Mateo, United States Not Shown Japan must recognize the rights of left-behind parents. 20/12/2010 00:54:54
Karen Eaves Plano, United States Not Shown This callousness with regard to the psychological well being of children and their ability to function well in adult relationships later in life is unfathomable to me. 19/12/2010 22:57:33
Thomas Yohannan Barcelona, Spain Not Shown 19/12/2010 07:57:08
Brian Prager New York, United States Not Shown Like you, my son and I are separated (since June 2010) by a half a planet and by the projection of criminal parental child abduction by the Japanese state and Japanese people. He is only 5 years old, and I have only ever loved him, just like I do now. (see: Only the Japanese can change their country on the inside. Our job is to express our rejection of their criminality, and ask the world to stand up against them until they put an end to this inhumanity. Thank you for this petition. 18/12/2010 01:59:40
francesco moretti lugano, Switzerland Not Shown I' missing my son...I need help, I feel lost, my son is all I have in my life, please someone help me 18/11/2010 21:31:38
Kane Davidson Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 08/11/2010 15:07:06
Touitou Ludovic Tokyo, Japan Not Shown Japanese nationals rights to see their children after divorce are respected in most countries. Reciprocity can and should be granted. Don't stop there, making your Japanese friends aware of the situation goes a long way also ! 07/11/2010 09:24:00
christophe candelier tokyo, Japan Not Shown 27/10/2010 07:05:18
s w Hyoshi, Japan Not Shown My in-laws and neighbours have been pressuring me for ages as if they have contempt for me! They've even started bullying my little Cavalier dog! I realize now that Japan is a backwater morally:generalized bullying disguised as 'Bushido'! 13/10/2010 17:00:47
L J Tokyo, Japan Not Shown et reconnaitre le syndrome d'alienation parental (SAP). 10/10/2010 18:09:55
Robert Fox Saint Charles, United States Not Shown The law needs to support the interest and welfare of the child. 26/09/2010 08:20:31
Elliot Paul Truro, United Kingdom 1pelliot-atsymbol-richardlander.cornwall.sch I was abducted myself, but then escaped. 10/09/2010 14:29:16
Prakash Kumar Ohta, Japan 10/09/2010 06:57:17
Carlita Starr Victoria, BC, Canada Not Shown 23/08/2010 10:46:44
Peter Henley Yokohama, Japan Not Shown 10/08/2010 12:05:05
Wililam Fleming Tokyo, Japan Not Shown God speed. 30/07/2010 03:50:18
Nozomi Wallace Tennessee, United States Not Shown 18/07/2010 12:58:15
David Foley Mutsu, Japan Not Shown My son was just born to my wife. We are still married and she is limiting my ability to see my son. 01/07/2010 11:27:12
Nicholas Pippin Yokosuka, Japan Not Shown I am getting ready to go through a divorce and fear for my children. Their mother is a documented violent person who, once out of control, does not care what happpens nor feels remorse for what has happened. 25/05/2010 05:45:54
Prof. Dr. Khurshed Alam Bhuiyan Dhaka, Bangladesh Not Shown Japanese court, law and justice is only for Japanese. They have respect of human rights. 11/05/2010 18:03:42
Kimberly Blazek Hirakata-shi, Japan Not Shown 09/05/2010 08:20:18
Rosa Torres Madrid, Spain Not Shown I saw on Spanish TV there are also here some cases of fathers whose children have been abducted by the Japanese mother. I haven't any children but I could be or could have been one of those sad parents and the things I'm reading about make me scared. I think the Japanese society is not a very advanced one, not in their way of thinking. They may make the best robots in the world but they are not human stealing children just like they do. And I think the main problem is in a lot of cases not your husband or wife but his/her Japanese family, especially Japanese grandmothers and grandfathers with their narrow-minded mentality. Is the Japanese society ready to change its mentality? As a woman I had a strange feeling when I was in Japan, I felt something is very wrong in the relationships between mothers and their children, in the way they want to protect them, not a very healthy way. Besides, marriage is not considered as a holy thing, as a commitment for all your life, and couples are not united, fathers spend all they working until late at night and they don't really know their children and mothers are all day alone with the kids, completely alone, I have the impression. But this is only a very personal opinion. I pray every day with all my heart for you to get your children back. 07/05/2010 12:05:30
Stephane Imbeault Banff Alberta, Canada Not Shown I'm a left behind parent 17/04/2010 22:48:26
Ammar Ghaibeh Tokushima, Japan Not Shown A shamefull situation from a country claimed to be developed and civilized 12/04/2010 22:15:58
reynalie villanueva iloilo, Philippines Not Shown 01/04/2010 17:29:58
Michael Houle Kawasaki, Japan Not Shown 23/03/2010 12:46:31
dennis van den Brink Niseko, Japan Not Shown 21/03/2010 08:15:02
Nicholas Karp Yokosuka, Japan I am 28 years old and recently got a divorce by a Japanese National. The divorce was not by my choice however, I complied and gave my wife the divorce she wanted. I have two children Joshua and Emily who now I don't get to see. My X -Spouse speaks perfect english and has a English speaking job and does not communicate to them in English. When ever I want to see them, they are always busy and supposedly always get to make the choice if they want to see me however, in 8 months they always seem to say no they don't want to see there dad. I am a US Military member living in Japan and will do anything to see my kids when in home port. I am denied visitation rights and am now treated like dirt. If you ever plan on marrying a Japanese National you will lose your rights to your kids in the event of a divorce. Take it from me......I have two beautiful smiling children and that's all I have now to keep me going and hopes that one day they will realize what there mom is doing. Nick 17/03/2010 06:51:59
gavin Rollins Fukushima, Japan Not Shown 14/02/2010 17:24:13
Marcus Saw Kanagawa, Japan Not Shown 13/02/2010 06:40:17
mark olson tokyo, Japan Not Shown 02/02/2010 15:32:43
Andrew Bayliss White Twp, United States Not Shown 25/01/2010 19:09:42
Amy W Queensland, Australia Not Shown this is just crazy. They need to change their law to protect the innocent children. 08/01/2010 11:49:24
Miho Tsukamoto Osaka, Japan 08/01/2010 00:56:29
M. E. CEE, Japan Not Shown Courage for every foreing parents and childrens who are separate in japan and..Happy new Year ! 03/01/2010 05:59:32
Seth Cowles McKinney, United States Not Shown 26/12/2009 23:36:58
Daniel Banon Montreal, Canada I have 2 children with a Japanese woman. She doesn`t let me see my children when I go to Japan to meet them. I hope this petition will make the Japanese Goverment sign the Hague Protocle and give right to see the children equaly for both parents. Thank you 21/12/2009 08:17:39
diego bustillo osaka, Japan Not Shown 10/12/2009 14:31:54
Jaime Reyes mexico/ tokyo, Japan Not Shown 17/11/2009 03:46:35
curtis bouwmeester yokohama, Japan Not Shown 12/11/2009 13:27:00
Paul Brown Toowoomba, Australia My son Liam was abducted by his mother to Japan in 2005. 08/11/2009 23:06:21
Claudio Kudo Yamanashi, Japan Not Shown 01/11/2009 02:41:43
Paul Greene Watford, United Kingdom 29/10/2009 23:09:08
Sara Kennaugh Sevenoaks, United Kingdom Not Shown 05/10/2009 21:51:02
Dani McDonald Macon, Ga, United States It is amazing how often this happens, and how many lives are affected. The story of Chris Savoie and his children have brought worldwide media attention. I hope that many find this site and have provided the link on our newly formed Facebook group. Please sign this petition and join our group on Facebook. "Support Abandoned Parents of Japanese-Foreign / Non-Japanese children". We are collecting stores on FB to share with Congress, and anyone else who will listen. Post yours today while we have the world's attention. 03/10/2009 17:29:23
alice howe glen rock, United States Not Shown 01/10/2009 13:52:26
maggie rotunda robbinsville, United States Not Shown one of my friends has not been able to see his daughter since his ex-wife went back to Japan with her ...he sends the little girl packages every week, pays for her school and all her needs and when he did make a trip there, he only had a few short visits with her and never alone. He is heartbroken and this really has to be stopped for the happiness and security of these children as they become adults missing out on the connection and freedom to spend time with both parents. This isnt about culture, political ideology, or the parents...most of all its about legally insuring that a child of a Japanese mother does not lose their father if he wishes to be involved just because his mother decided to move back to Japan. 30/09/2009 16:16:03
Johanna Simmel Trumbull, United States I just heard about this situation this morning on NBC's Today show. I am absolutely appalled that a country whom we believe is modern in it's civil rights policies can be so blind to the interests of children. We as a nation need to get this changed and give fathers the rights that they deserve and give the childrenthe fathers that they in turn deserve. I cannot imagine the desperation that you all must be feeling. Good luck and and my prayers are with all of the dads who are without their children. I can't and don't understand how a woman could do this to her own. Irrespective of how you feel about the husband or ex-husband, it's YOUR children that you are hurting. 30/09/2009 15:06:40
Brian Gessleman Abingdon, United States Not Shown My two Son's David Naru and Joshua Kou are missing somewhere in Japan. The US Embassy can not locate them or conduct a health and welfare visit to see if they are ok. Japan needs to be protecting these children and establish some sort of system. This issue is becoming pandemic and if left uncorrected will only get worse. 22/09/2009 20:51:34
Marek Jan Vrzal Midori-ku, Nagoya City, Japan Not Shown Any child needs protection, love, care, and a chance to learn from both parents. Our lives are getting more and more complex every day... and the "single mother attitude," if brought up by the mother by her own selfish desires, this attitude stinks ... and NO COUNTRY IN THIS WORLD HAS A RIGHT TO SUPPORT IT !!! FATHERS HAVE AN EQUAL RIGHT TO BE THERE FOR THEIR CHILDREN !!! AND SO DO THEIR CHILDREN !!! 21/09/2009 11:41:44
robert torres torres brooklyn ny, United States Not Shown dear japanese government please pass a new law to prevent child abductions. 21/09/2009 00:01:11
Leonard Brennan San Antonio, United States Not Shown Japanese women are selfish and cannot put their children first. They do not care about the mental anguish they put their children through by ripping them away from loving family members. The children do not understand and the mothers don't care enough to do what is right. Yamashiro's are evil, evil people who do not care what they put their grandchild through. Their daughter thinks America is bad, however feels it is ok to work for the American government and marry another American. I hope they do not have children together or it will be the same for another service member. HEINOUS!! 02/09/2009 19:32:19
Daniella Vale shinagawa, Japan Not Shown 24/08/2009 13:28:57
Jair Moreno Tokyo, Japan 07/08/2009 15:59:26
Ian Long Nagoya, Japan Not Shown 06/08/2009 03:27:15
Lual Jervase Villerupt, France Not Shown Hello, Our couple is going thru hard times at the moment and our 3 year old child already suffers from this situation. Whatever happens to our couple, I swear to God I will never let my child be abducted. never, whatever price I will have to pay. 27/07/2009 22:15:57
Mark Brown Sapporo, Japan Not Shown Japan is the birthplace of convenience, unfortunately it is all to convenient to sweep this under carpet. The only ones really suffering are the children! 23/07/2009 05:48:01
Jacqueline Giancaspro Hagatna, Guam Not Shown I'm doing this for my husband. He's given up hope in most ways concerning his children..... He does not even know if they are in Japan anymore (the last he heard from close friends, his ex-wife married another service member). There is no reason he should have ever been denied contact, especially considering that his eldest was not even being raised by his ex, but by other family members. 11/07/2009 14:09:11
thomas walton nagoya, Japan Not Shown I see my girls about two times a month for about 20 minutes. I guess I am one of the luckey ones 09/07/2009 06:39:55
Paolo Samurai Osaka, Japan Not Shown Stupid country like to destroy people . no protection for marriage at all there and children. Japanese lawyers are toys they can't do nothing. Japanese father they get visitation rights few hours a month . I had maybe 5 of them . I don't care about my ex devil I jus go to see . Sometimes caps are coming and I have good fun . I am laughing from them , last time they wanted to even help me. If you have time and bicycle in Japan you can see your kids . 26/06/2009 10:50:13
Lars Gabel Auckland, New Zealand Not Shown 25/06/2009 03:54:05
Kay Tang Hong Kong, Hong Kong Not Shown 19/06/2009 04:20:52
Kong Tang Sydney, Australia Not Shown 19/06/2009 03:46:18
George Fu Anjo, Japan 18/06/2009 16:19:42
Joe March Tokyo, Japan Not Shown Japanese womens are "seek mental whitout know or understand how many damage they make for everybody and the child in priority..",they don't think and care about happiness and develloppement of their own child after divorce ,they automatically hide children from their father.. 16/06/2009 02:30:07
Joseph Sigrist Haguenau, France, France Not Shown I've been separated from my two sons for 8 years now, haven't even a clue if they're still alive!!!!! French Embassy and Consulate are helpless... 15/06/2009 10:11:22
Jose Garcia Nagoya, Japan Not Shown I am divorcing a Japanese woman and even though I am still married to her but live separately, she has done everything she can to stop me from seeing my daughter, and has been succeeding. I have legal rights but of course there is no enforcement. I can' t ask the cops for help...they will just nod their heads, smile, and say..."It's a family matter". Once I get divorced, even though I might get visitation rights from the family court...What happens when my wife refuses to let me see my daughter? Again, there is no help for me to enforce my child visitation rights. Where is the justice for the non-custodial parent in Japan?? There is none!!!! This is my pain and frustration, and my poor daughter is being brainwashed by her evil mother. Maybe someday when my daughter is 20, can I hope to see her again...she is 5 now. I will not have any kids in Japan anymore. 10/06/2009 04:48:27
Alexander Crawford Osaka, Japan Not Shown 07/06/2009 23:05:39
RD O Tokyo, Japan Not Shown useful utility for searching for Japanese addresses in English, Google map result: 07/06/2009 04:34:59
Mark Brown Sapporo, Japan Not Shown 11/05/2009 06:37:04
John Donaldson Okinawa, Japan Not Shown 27/04/2009 05:20:49
Neil Hood Shinjuku, Japan Japan needs to join the rest of the civilized world and enforce the rights of children and to help parents whose kids have been abducted. 22/04/2009 14:49:44
Darla Walden Colorado Springs, United States Not Shown It is a crime they can get away with such a heinous act!! 01/04/2009 18:24:03
Jesse Puhr Tokyo, Japan Not Shown I'm married to a Japanese citizen and though we don't have children at present we plan to. God forbid anything like this happens to our future kids, but whether it does or not I fully support the rights of any father who has his child's best interests in mind. Japanese government is flawed in many way, much like our own, but this is one issue that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. 24/03/2009 07:31:21
Ralph Hughes Dunedin, New Zealand This is happening to me. I am now in Tokyo trying to find my 5 yr old son. My now ex Japanese wife does not allow me to contact my son and doesn't reply to emails. 08/03/2009 02:54:52
Ken MAI Tokyo, Japan Not Shown i lost my 2 kids by signing on the blank divorce agreement on the basis of lie of my ex, promising let me see 2 kids 2-3 times a month and other rest promises... now just after a month, she refuses to reply my email and call, yelling at me not allowing me see kids... my emotion condition is very bad now. 27/02/2009 02:53:02
Moises Garcia Wisconsin, United States Not Shown I lost my daughter 1 year ago. I still can feel her smell in her toys. I have been through a big legal battle in the US while my wife is in Japan. However, I have secured some virtual visitation through money. I am still fighting hard here in the US, and I will move my fight to Japan. Perhaps the best way to fight is a small guerilla war to make tired our adversaries. 17/02/2009 04:06:41
JR Makrai Saitma, Japan Not Shown As a father in a troubled mixed marriage this just contributes to all already bad family situation. It is also another example of the double standards Japan practice in it's relations with other countries and peoples. In many ways it's evidence that Japan has still has a long way to go before it can be a relatively trustworthy member of those nations nations that espouse and promote human rights. 10/02/2009 15:00:50
Gary Cook Paris, France Not Shown Japan needs to update its archaic laws, such as this one and the 300 day no children divorce law! Come into the 21st century. 01/02/2009 20:40:06
Melanie Inoue Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 16/01/2009 03:15:09
Alex M France, Japan Not Shown Hello everybody.. We (my child and me)are completely separate since 4 years ,I don t give up but start to be tired..I think this problem will finish bad,I start to loose my "cold blood",may be that what Japaneses people and governement want,for complain more about "Gaijin"and dissuade Japaneses women to "bring" foreign men in Japan.. Anyway, "Happy new year" and courage for every parents and childs who are separate in Japan 12/01/2009 10:36:40
Gregory Goon London, United Kingdom Not Shown This has to change, the insularity of the Japanese Family Court to deprive the left behind parent of enforceable shared custody or visitation rights is an abdomination. I will be trying to see if I can embarass the Japanese Government by taking the case to the European Commission Human Rights Courts to get a ruling. But as someone says - Japan is an anachronism as it is a first world country that thinks like a third world - which first world country has customs in the arrivals hall checking on EVERY passenger's bags...?? 19/12/2008 18:05:43
Gregory Goon London, United Kingdom Not Shown I was engaged to my Japanese fiancee who left me and returned to Japan while pregnant and has refused to allow me to see my new born daughter. I am completely cut off from my daughter 18/12/2008 16:57:51
Franchesca Miyara Ibaraki-ken, Japan My 4 year old son was abducted by my ex-Japanese husband and havent seen him since almost 3 years ago. The Police arrested me and detained me for over 3 months when I tried looking for him inside his grandparents house. Sept 4th 2006 22/11/2008 02:28:06
John Paul Simpson Miyazaki Shi, Japan Even after being blackmailed into divorce, and making a legal contract to say that I can see and speak to my daughters, I have been denied any verbal access or visitation to my poor daughters. 21/11/2008 16:02:10
George Obiso Gold Coast, Australia 16/11/2008 06:57:57
Andrew Waddington Sendai, Japan W ill A rrange R evenge (Justice) on Japan 04/11/2008 09:20:57
SATO Christine Boulogne, France 30/10/2008 15:00:26
Diane Marshall Franklin, United States Not Shown 24/10/2008 01:05:00
Fofa M. Tokyo, Japan Not Shown I loose my son in japan with family court system in japan,I give all proves about the sickness of my japanese wife but they never hear me, I can't remake my visa for stay in japan after our divorce ..but will never give up| 22/10/2008 16:30:16
Christopher Savoie Franklin, TN, United States Not Shown 21/10/2008 02:26:57
Mark J. MJ Tokyo, Japan Not Shown Japaneses peoples and discriminate family court system , steal ,hide,destroy lives of so many childrens and their parents,entire family ,around the world without any problem..WHY???why the world can make nothing against this big problem and injustice??? 12/10/2008 07:30:49
Jacques COLLEAU Paris, France We are SOS PAPA, leading French Parents Association with 14,000 members and defend the rights of kids to keep contact with BOTH parents after the parents split, in Japan and elsewhere. Jacques Colleau Head of International Affairs SOS PAPA 10/10/2008 16:14:20
Lee Straight Kusatsu, Japan Not Shown 05/10/2008 03:23:47
andrew brown tokyo, Japan Not Shown these women are nuts, but I think its an order from the goverment. I think they are doing this to train or mixed kids for future military defenses...I will be in court 25/09/08. My wife reckons she gotta look after her mother.....and told me gommene. they better give me my worked hard for yen that I gave them when she was pregnant..... They change when the kid is born.....THAT IS AN ORDER..... Dont matter what color we are or where we come from..... They either wanna kid or a green card.... ABUNAI YOW...... Seriously....what good is ohayo,kombanwa and genki where we come from????? My wifes mother told me to get a new job and give my wife zenbu and she will stop working.... Not knowing that she was telling a street guy to do the impossible, and believe, when I told her dekinai, she told me to fuck off back to London..... Baka Baba Naaa!!! But guys, Dont come inside these witches, and trust me, if you didnt or dont believe in witches and if you got a Japanese girlfriend or wife, then unfortunatly for you, you got yourself a Witch-Bitch........ 24/09/2008 00:27:23
MANUEL; TOMAS GOMEZ almeria, Spain Not Shown my daughter is kidnapped in Japan by her mother. Only third world countries or a country with extreme lack of feelings can enforce such a right. 21/09/2008 16:11:07
Garry Russell Orangeville; On., Canada Not Shown 09/09/2008 02:23:31
Philip Harding Fukuoka, Japan Give us our children and give our children us. 02/09/2008 09:43:28
Colin Lamb Ichinomiya, Japan Not Shown I believe this nescient pitfall in the Japanese "law" is totally and utterly inhumane not to mention thoroughly unfair to everyone involved... 27/08/2008 14:09:38
LEE JAY WALKER SAITAMA, Japan I have not seen my 2 children for nearly 7 years, and several days ago I am told that my son is not suffering from mental health problems and he reads books for 3 year old children, despite nearly being 10 years old. I have letters which confirm that he was healthy in the UK, I have legal documents stating he should come back to the UK along with his sister ever July and August, but nothing. Japan is a nation of "do nothing" and "kidnap at will" providing you are a Japanese national. My child once spoke English and played football, but now I am told that he can not speak English and he does not understand how to play football. And still I can not see him in order to help, so of course my mind is going crazy. Yet why does the British and American government rebuke North Korea; yet remain silent about what Japan is doing? Japan supports cultural genocide whereby all aspects of the other parent is taken out of the child via social alienation, linguistics, religion, and so forth. MANY INTERNATIONAL PARENTS HAVE DIED BEFORE SEEING THEIR CHILDREN AGAIN IN JAPAN - WHEN WILL THIS STOP? 22/08/2008 06:54:26
nathan smith matsuyama, Japan Not Shown 09/08/2008 10:48:40
olivier BONNEFON paris, France Best parent is BOTH PARENTS. 04/08/2008 15:22:54
Evan Jones Waterloo, Canada Not Shown 24/07/2008 22:51:00
Alistair Ziddah London, United Kingdom Not Shown Frankly, I'll believe the new development on Japan signing the Hague Convention when it is done. They take forever in doing some of these things while countless left-behind parents are heartlessly left to count the lonely years in the slim hope of seeing their children again. 22/07/2008 16:44:29
THIERRY Michelle DIJON, France Not Shown My son lives in Japan. He is separated from his japonese's wife. He has a little girl and he can't see her when he wants. I am the french grandmother and I cant'see my little daughter too. SOS ! Simone-Nagika is my only little daughter 19/07/2008 12:28:33
Graugnard Sebastien Hyeres, France Not Shown 16/07/2008 09:53:39
COUCHOT Hervé Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 21/06/2008 10:46:42
Muhammad Faisal Muthu Maricar Singapore, Japan Every child has two parents 14/06/2008 16:45:33
andy clark fukuoka, Japan Not Shown 14/06/2008 04:51:12
jo woodland ramsgate, Japan Not Shown 14/06/2008 02:29:49
julia anderson ramsgate, United Kingdom Not Shown 14/06/2008 02:28:58
joan furman margate, United Kingdom Not Shown 14/06/2008 02:28:04
Patrick Palladino Kushimoto, Japan Not Shown 22/05/2008 06:27:20
Linda Zapalac Austin, TX, United States Not Shown 05/05/2008 07:40:53
William Lake Navarre Florida, United States Please see my Website 02/04/2008 00:34:43
L'Hermitte Sebastien Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 29/03/2008 14:27:14
saddy oner singapore, Singapore Not Shown We take womens rights seriously, but sometimes women take advantage of it too. 13/03/2008 17:06:15
Colin V Hamamatsu, Japan Not Shown It wasn`t until recetly that I learned about this dispicable nonsense. Why isn`t this information ever on the news. But it doesn`t surprise me in this country. There are many other ridiculous situations that are also never dealt with in Japan. After 5 years here I want to get the hell out. I`m sick of this crap and no officials from anywhere are doing anything about it. This is an international problem and the UN and governments should be protesting. They should get off their asses and do something. Sanctions (Japan can`t survive without exports it just doesn`t have the resources to support itself), International media coverage, kick Japan out of the UN and G7&G8. I`ve read stories about fathers who haven`t seen their kids for 5 and 10 years. That`s sick. This world is full of cowardly and lazy government representatives. It should never take this long. The world better start getting tough on racism and injustices. There is no place in society for them. I wish everyone who has been affected by this "hope and strength and don`t give up." 21/02/2008 06:29:50
Kris Wilson Kyoto, Japan Not Shown 07/02/2008 01:56:03
M ELM UE, Japan Not Shown Best wishes and courage for 2008 ,for every childs and parents whom suffer to be separate by Japanese family law system ,again more difficult for foreign parents system applicate automatically with discrimination Like australian gvt and many peoples ,grenpeace etc..make effort for stop to kill whales,we have to do same for save our childrens,it's an internationnal problem! 02/01/2008 04:10:14
eliza orbeta manila, Philippines Not Shown 19/12/2007 16:48:06
Alexander Elliot Glasgow, United Kingdom Not Shown It is a Fathers fundamental human right to have contact with his child: he has the right to soacialise, and be able to show love and affection to his children irrespective of his position financially, and irrespective of his Wife or partners feelings towards him. Japan as a country it seems are not holdding up to their UN agreement that they will respect the right of families and and not interfere: although they may not interfere they do noting for Fathers: especuially foreign Fathers living or outside Japan. It is said that a Father in japan has a fundamental human right by all the organisations through Civil law: especially if married by Koseki tohon then that qualifies you have that right legally in Japan. I wonder when these organisations in Japan are going to repsond and muster some political persuation towarsds the bias law system in Japan that dicrinminates. Of course, I would like to say that these thoughts and explanations are not a reflection of Japan as a whole or a Nation and I would like to thank those Kind hearts and gentle people who lived in my home town in Iwakuni shi, and were very very understanding to my feelings, and loss of missing my two children. Thank you! I think many people in japan should march for all Fathers in japan i.e. Japanese Fathers, Korean, Chinese, British, American and so on because this is a big big problem. I hope the Japanese Prime Minister can understand, and if he cannot then maybe we need a Women Prime Minister of Japan. I think of my children everyday, and I miss them, but when skys are cludy and grey there only grey for a day so wrap you troubles in dreams, and dream your troubles away! God bless Britain, Japan, Korea, USA , China etc, and all the Fathers of the world. 11/10/2007 19:27:37
SOICHI TANAKA Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 04/10/2007 01:28:15
Kevin Brown Nagoya, Japan Not Shown My wife has taken my son. I don't know where she is living and the court won't tell me either. I have not seen my son since April 1st. I could go on and on. 02/09/2007 11:13:25
Grant Waters Kumamoto, Japan Not Shown My Ex-wife could careless about my child ...she keeping her for 5,000Y a month 26/08/2007 11:41:31
Robert Daley Kurashiki, Japan I am worried I may becoome one of these fathers that loses contact with his child unless the law changes. 16/08/2007 12:40:19
Robert Murphy Fukuoka, Japan Not Shown 09/08/2007 09:09:02
Nicholas Quick Otaru, Japan Not Shown A child deserves to have both his/her parents. The archaic and biased system Japan currently uses needs reform. Do not punish an innocent child or children any more! 06/08/2007 09:03:59
X Frank Europa, Japan Not Shown Message for all foreigners: Don't beleive Japaneses people ,please ,open your eyes,before it's too late.. Japaneses profit about us for many reasons,learn our experience,culture and copy for make business after in Japan,language,have a baby( around 30years)..ETC you can get easy a woman if she want just learn your language without spend money at school,but it's fake relationship! Japanese woman can stay longtime with Japanese man just for his salary,and deceive him all his life.. and don't forget all Japaneses are racist! 06/07/2007 05:09:20
Chris White Yokohama, Japan 27/06/2007 08:01:21
James Rubingh Michigan, United States Not Shown 20/06/2007 00:58:29
Christopher Doonan Osaka, Japan Not Shown Change the law regarding child access after divorce in Japan. A child needs to have access to both parents for healthy growth. 17/06/2007 03:22:16
AB Fussa-shi / Tokyo, Japan Not Shown I am currently an active duty Navy officer in Japan facing the unhappy prospect of divorce from my Japanese spouse. Since my daughter is also an American citizen (duel citizenship with Japan) and holds a U.S. Passport, I feel this MUST provide me with some legal grounds for regular visitation rights! If not, then this is an OUTRAGE. I am good enough to defend Japan in the event of war, but do not have the rights to visit and love my own daughter who is completely innocent in all this!!!??? The government of Japan needs to "reflect upon itself" as my (possibly) soon to be ex-wife likes to instruct me....and AMEND the Japanese Family Court Laws! 04/05/2007 15:02:12
Associação Acolher Viseu, Portugal We want equal parentage rights ! 02/05/2007 22:16:35
Angela Pedersen, R.N. Michigan, United States Not Shown This is an international problem! We must stop asking for EQUAL rights and we must start DEMANDING it! Please support this effort and ask other Bloggers to cover it and link directly to it! We need you active support and help to bring media awareness. 01/05/2007 01:56:20
Pawel D Glasgow, Japan Not Shown The japanesse doesn't thing about japanesse spouse. In Japan there is too many woman,the divorce spouse can't really marry again.If you go to see you kid nothing will happen, belive me . If you can't find the kid hire private detective or go to City Hall and they will tell you where she live.These kids are yours so please free and hang around. Always you can change the name and get second passport in case. 22/03/2007 23:07:15
Michelle Yamamoto Hakui, Japan 05/03/2007 00:33:01
william lea rome, Italy Not Shown 09/02/2007 17:41:18
Keiko Dolling Chatsworth IS, Australia Not Shown 27/01/2007 06:48:11
JL W. Tokyo, Japan Not Shown Forget North Korea; the real problem is Japan? The reality for divorced parents in Japan or for left behind parents in Japan; is that Japan not only allows child abduction, but the Japanese government is also preventing foreign nationals from obtaining visas which offer protection. Japan refuses to ratify the main Child Convention Acts of the Hague Convention, therefore, many nationals from all over the world are denied access to their child or children. North Korea only kidnaps Japanese people, but Japan allows Japanese people to kidnap children from every nation on this planet. And all court orders are either ignored, or Japanese courts do not have the power to enforce orders that have been made. More alarming,is that even when a former Japanese partner supports the foreign national to see their child, then it still does not matter, because you are still denied equality under Japanese law. The system works like this. If a Japanese national is married to a British national for more than 2 years, then even after divorce the Japanese national will always be deemed to be British. He or she will have complete rights, the right to vote, the right to unemployment benefit if no job, and the right to a state pension when older. Yet you could be married to a Japanese national for 30 years and then get divorced and then you see the real Japan. Because the person will be given so many months to leave the country and of course no state pension, no Japanese passport, no nothing! So next time Japan bashes North Korea about child abduction or talks about the United Nations. Then remember, thousands of children from mixed marriages are being purely Japanized and even when the Japanese national abducts the child from a nation like America or France, then this is allowed. Mixed marriages are not a reality in North Korea, therefore, the real problem that exists with regard to child abduction and the abuse of foreign nationals, lies with Japan. Maybe modernity in Japan is only an outside reality, because inside the political elites and judiciary, lies latent racial discrimination and a yearning for the nationalism of the 1930s. Is it any wonder why no regional neighbor, apart from Taiwan, does not like Japan? Or why foreign nationals when faced with a crisis understand the real Japan, which is ugly, vindictive, and allows the denial of equality and child abduction. 23/01/2007 12:11:51
Bariteaud Gerard, Japan Not Shown Following the break up,most of the parents, with their childs feeling and sensibility by telling them false stories that often alienate the vulnerable kids for life ,againts his or her real father (or mother). I firmly believe that ,to enforce the fundamental right to the child to have access to both parents,will help avoid or diminish this kind of problems. 08/01/2007 05:05:18
I 'M IN JAPAN ! IT'S VERY DIFFICULT FOR FOREIGNERS ,I DON'T NEED MORE PROBLEMS Tokyo, Japan Not Shown Jobless woman busted for abusing son who died suspiciously. KURASHIKI, Okayama -- An unemployed woman was arrested Thursday for abusing her son who later died under suspicious circumstances, police said. Miyuki Mitsunaka, 31, a resident of Kurashiki, is accused of assaulting her 4-year-old son, Kakeru. Local police are poised to conduct an autopsy on the victim's body in a bid to see if there is causal relationship between her abuse and his death. In the specific case for which she was arrested, Mitsunaka hit Kakeru in the face on Dec. 17 after getting infuriated at him for eating food from a fridge. She then left him outside their home for at least one hour, investigators said. Mitsunaka called a fire department Wednesday afternoon, reporting that her child had choked on food and asked for an ambulance. By the time paramedics arrived, his heart and lungs had stopped functioning even though he had no external injuries. He was drenched and red pepper powder was found in his mouth. January 4, 2007 ANOTHER CHILD DIED IN JAPAN.... VICTIM OF JAPANESE LAW AND SYSTEM.. IF BOTHS PARENTS HAVE CHARGE OF THIS CHILD,MAY BE HE CAN STAY ALIVE...MANY CHILDS ARE KILLED BY THEIR PARENTS LAST YEAR IN JAPAN... 04/01/2007 13:21:31
JOSEPH COLON EBINA, Japan Not Shown 27/12/2006 02:21:38
Emily Santer minesota/nagoya, United States Not Shown 09/12/2006 10:30:13
secret C. Japan, Japan Not Shown Japanese people live just for money They don't care about children,above all our children,believe me! Change law or protect our children'right ,it's not important, no good buziness! 08/12/2006 05:02:35
Mario Mazzoni Milano, Italy Not Shown Europeans mens are victim about Japanese mens, I mean; 1/ Japanese women come by whole plane in Europa They have their own reasons ! I never see opposite in Japan 2/ And we are victim of racism in Japan, above all from Japanes men, I can understand. 3/ At final, after divorce we loose our child , but we love our children more than Japanese father ,I live in Japan during 2 years ,I know what I say! it's enough . POOR CHILDREN!!!! MESSAGE : Japanese MENS ,please STOP to make victim! 07/12/2006 12:33:39
Save Children Please Chiba, Japan Not Shown Childrens are the future... around the world , include Japan... Judge, lawyer, etc..stop to make "business" and think about children in priority.. Protect their life, rights, identity, future... In Japan , there many social problems, like parents kill their childs or suicide, education, school...etc It's time to change law and manythings... 07/12/2006 11:44:44
brent rigsb shizuoka, Japan fuck the japaneese law they are going to force me to kill to get me son back. 05/12/2006 11:11:48
Pawel Dziadek Glasgow, United Kingdom Not Shown I would burn these guys like patatoes in my owen 20/11/2006 20:13:13
brent rigsby shizuoka, Japan i want the right to see my 2 year old son 17/11/2006 06:32:37
Kapil Giri kathmandu, Nepal Not Shown 10/11/2006 03:21:03
David Pang Melbourne, Australia Not Shown I have same problem as you. I need to see my daughter in Japan. They did very badly to oversea persons. 19/10/2006 01:55:51
Debra Sawyers Texas, United States Not Shown My Grandaughter is five years old 11/2006 her mother took her after divorce in Kobe along with insurance money us $ 80,000.00 from my sons injury settlement in Kobe ,Japan. What legal criminal charges are pending?Our family wants to know welfare of our little girl, the THIEF can keep the $$$$ but we will pursue criminal charges for no contact or info of welfare of my Grandauhter. 14/10/2006 15:00:46
Joseph Martinez Sacramento, United States Not Shown 27/09/2006 07:12:41
John Alexander Mito, Japan mitojohn2003 I agree with the statement, but changing the law is only part of the answer. I was denied access to my daughter and the family court gave me access rights, but my ex simply ignored it. I eventualy got visitation, but that occured after patient negotiation outside of the court. (A long story - I am writing a book about it). Good luch with the petition. 10/09/2006 08:10:13
Ayumi Temlock Stamford, United States Not Shown 05/09/2006 01:11:43
Kotoko Osumi-Sutherland London, United Kingdom Not Shown I am very much in agreement with the parental equality for the rights to have an access to their children unless there is an objection in doing so at either party. The Japanese Family Court has been out dated in their approach regarding the rights for children in citizenship as well. Much like the court imposes children (or even their parents) to choose one of parent's nationalities (i.e. denying dual citizenship), the court should not make the matter difficult for children to see their parents. If the Court has an obligation to protect wellfare of ANY child, they have a lot of areas which they ought to live up to. 01/08/2006 19:31:25
abdelghani hardi Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 25/07/2006 13:32:57
Adrienne Gurden New York, United States Not Shown 20/07/2006 20:29:24
Mark Anthony Villanueva Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 20/07/2006 04:26:23
angela holmes broadstairs, United Kingdom Not Shown update,ref emily and hayley holmes,british citizens,as a dad,and on behalf of their grandparents,two years have past almost to the day,the pain it still as strong,as then it wont go away.we must take positive action,pouring out our grief,does not change anything,anyone in the uk,interested in a demonstration,at the japanese embassy in london,contact me,through,my mums e mail address above..robert 12/07/2006 22:12:57
molina michele Lille, France Not Shown As grandfather and grandmother,and in the name of our son, we wish to know why japan is so hard with the children?It is véry important that the father takes charge of child as much as the mother, and that receives to equal part the male and feminine imprint, with a way to be and different sensibilities.When this japonese WALL go to fall !!!! 19/06/2006 15:18:31
maurice gillis kasam, Japan Not Shown 11/06/2006 07:32:04
HIROAKI MORITA KUMAGAYA, Japan Not Shown 03/06/2006 17:20:05
Roberto Wilson Kanagawa, Japan Not Shown My 4 years old son is suffering a constant violent aggression from his Japanese mother mainly when I am not in house, last Friday she kick him in front me and it motivate me to defend him and them I bring him out all the day, my wife during this time did break all my thinks and did hourly my and my son shoes and cloth to the street. When we come back we was wonder to found all our cloths and shoes in the street and we did decide to go out to call the police, but knowing the Japanese discrimination as I am not Japanese I change to call some friend looking for advise, they recommend us to not return to house that night and try to talk with her by phone, following this advise we did call to her, and she give us 3 hours to return to home or she will goto police to accuse me as kidnapping my son... We did returned by the violence continue... what I can do to protect my son??? 17/04/2006 04:29:02
John Bithell Bedford, United Kingdom Not Shown International marriages with Japanese can work out great for everyone, but where they don't, the court should have a bias towards equality in custody decisions and fair access for both parents 07/04/2006 09:49:09
Timothy Cornish Ok gwa , South Korea Not Shown A country can be fairly assessed by the way it protects its most vulnerable and its weakest members -- its children. The way Japan treats its children via the Family Court System is nothing short of pathetic. 05/04/2006 09:28:45
robert medhurst london, United Kingdom I have been divorced twice by Japanese women and my second son was abducted to Tokyo in 1991.I managed to get a peak at him on his third birthday through the garden gate at six in the morning ,as a kind neighbor took pity on me and give me the time when he would appear..Just now after 12 years I decided to make another attempt with no luck. I hired a private detective who furnished me the name of his school and some shots of him with his grandpa.I got a current address at the city Hall where he lives which I am entitled to as i am named on the koseki.I can also apply for updates should he leave the house to attend University etc.My only hope is if he leaves home and of course He must have listened to a lot a propaganda from my ex family over the years.What will I do? Wait.In the end I will be reunited with my son. 02/04/2006 11:35:38
Stephen Holmes Broadstairs, United Kingdom Not Shown I think it is a crime in its self when people can take away children from there fathers and there is nothing that can be done about it what sort of world are we living in . 12/03/2006 16:03:26
victor sergey russia far east, Russia Yes Japanese law need changes for international father rights its very hard for them those who are living withouf their childern and their ex wife family took away their loving childern !Japan must think fair . Those who worried about status after divorce for them also must issue them status !And for those whose child was abducted by japanease wife Also those who living far from their child and who want to visit Japan to see their but the japan embassy request invitation letter and garenty letter from xwife.So in my opinion its not fair. And also for those who living in Japan but didnot see thier child because of changing address of his wife so must municiple help them to find their address to see them child.Also court give order to take thier child to his father country for short period on the responsible of his country Embassy. So i hope The japan government think about this all people problem . 22/02/2006 17:14:46
secret secret secret, Japan Not Shown In my experience i think its difficult to figth against this all people problem ! Those who lose their spouse status after divorce can live in Japan ,But he or she if have child whoese nationality is japanease ,so maye but its depend on immigration Officer to decide to give you permission to live in japan.About to see child by court order i think its strange !because when a child is living with a person he listen them more!So its better dont think about this problem this is life. When the child will grow up he or she will find his divorce parent. Think about new life this period was finish its now history think to new life. Dont think about your xwife or xhusband Just pray to God !its better dont waist your money your time your thinking too. thats all my friend.God bless you all. 22/02/2006 16:03:27
Kevin Kendig Lancaster, United States Not Shown I was in the Navy and I have no rights to see daughter in Japan. I agree 100% with this statement. 22/02/2006 12:07:15
Jason Krueger Emporia, United States Not Shown My daughter Lisa Krueger was abducted by her mother Hiroko in 1998. Her consulate told her to come back to Japan and there would be nothing I could do about it. Even after we had already went to court here in Kansas. 21/02/2006 04:23:44
Catherine bolo manila, Japan Not Shown 21/02/2006 03:28:42
Erik Smeets Toronto, Canada 20/02/2006 02:01:00
Raquel Harris Wollongong, Australia Not Shown I have watched and heard of the heartache my brother - in law is going through over so many years in regards to visitation rights to his son in Japan. I find it disgusting that they do not take into consideration a childs feelings and well being due to prejudice things need to change now - it is a tradegy against children 14/02/2006 11:16:46
pamela smith kent, United Kingdom Not Shown 08/02/2006 11:08:09
david henao honolulu, United States Not Shown I want equal parentage rights 02/02/2006 07:54:35
Dave Clayson Honolulu, Hawaii, United States This must be addressed! Japan should be denied a seat on the UN Security Council until they sign and abide by the Hague Convention Laws!!! 27/01/2006 20:03:18
HIroaki Morita Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 20/01/2006 12:48:53
Lawrence Popa Matsudo, Japan Not Shown This is a horrible atrocity against human rights. Japan's laws must be changed. 18/01/2006 14:34:38
Justice Liberty Japan, Oxford, London, Scotland, Japan Not Shown I am a Father who was refused the right to spend Christmas day with his child. My wife knew how much that would mean to me. She uses my daughter as a pawn in order to get a divorce, but I will not sign divorce paper. I am a Roman Catholic, and I married for once in my life - I did not fail my wife or my family: she failed me, and her parents who treated me like a lepar saying when I came to visit them, "You are not my family anymore", but one week before her Mother cooked me a beautiful sukiyaki! Fathers have rights, and also have a right to be heard; I will never divorce or surrender my family rights because that means giving up my daughter. 17/01/2006 17:08:10
Alexander Elliot Glasgow, Japan Not Shown I am or was married to a Japanese woman whom I love. My wife has never loved me since there were or was no affection from her; it was one sided. I have a daughter and my wife is or should be 6 months pregnant now. I have not seen my wife or child since )October 23rd 2005. I provided financial support to my wife, but had to work away, but my wife emptied the house of everything, including my Princess; my daughter. I have always respected and loved my wife, but she told the Immigration in Hiroshima that she wants a divorce and they refused to extend my 'Spouse-Visa'. No Visa, no family, no rights. I believe I should have the right to contuinual my life in Japan weather divorced, seperated or widowed, but because the wife refuses to sign the garentee fprm you have no rights. How can this be? How can you lose your rights tio your family when you wife deserts you and reports all kinds of lies about your character? Who will listen to 'Gaigins-rights'? Just Japanese lawyers if you have lots of money to spend. what happwened to Fathers rights to maintain a loving relationship with his child or children! 17/01/2006 16:54:57
M e Tokyo, Japan Not Shown I support this petition,Family Court system have to stop destroy lives of childs and parents (above all Foreigners)with discrimination. Japanese want to be first everytime,try to be for Humans Rigths! 13/01/2006 05:24:27
Boule JANINE Laval, Canada Not Shown S.V.P. cessez de parler et d'ecrire et AGISSEZ 30/12/2005 14:40:05
allan holmes broadstairs, United Kingdom my wife and other members have already signed this,after a miserable xmas without my grandaughters,i feel l must add my name 30/12/2005 14:10:03
james woodland Ramsgate, United Kingdom 10/12/2005 01:22:43
angela holmes Broadstairs, United Kingdom Not Shown Update on my granddaughters emily and hayley holmes,the british embassy have paid a visit to the family home of my daughter in law,he assures us the girls are fine,but thats the best thing about children,they make the best of everything whatevers going on we are assured they are attending a very good nursey school,and they seem to have everything money can buy,but i would like to know what their mother does when they are dumped all day,why steal the girls,only to dump them all day on someone else.she dont want them at all she like the rest just wants them as a weapon to hit others with they are both preschool age and should be with their mum,solicitors dont what to know as soon as you mention japan,anyway she told quite a story to the embassy,her father just happened to be there probably to make sure she said the right things,she blew up a couple of isolated incidents out of proportion,to get his symphathy,which l suspect worked,she has a sister also living at her parents who was married to a korean man,there is two little boys,without their dad,or grandparents,her storys much the same as my daughter inlaws,she would not permit the embassy to take a photo for the family for christmas.that would have meant the world to us,they cannot make apparantley even though the girls are british citizens,born in the festive season approaches we have no interest whatsoever,but we must make the effort for the sake of the other grandchildren,emilys birthday is on the28thdec,hayleys the 21st,so one can imagine feelings are running high here,the time has come to show japan how the rest of the world feels,one day in 2006 we should lobby every japanese embassy in the world,peacefully a candlelight vigil,show our disgust in them,weddings to japanese citizens should be forbidden in every country exept japan,maybe next christmas there maybe smiles instead of tears.god bless you all. 10/12/2005 01:12:37
robert Holmes Broadstairs, United Kingdom Not Shown My daughters have been taken by their mother my wife to japan l have not seen or heard from them for 18 months,she refuses to have anything more to do with us,is this fair?my marriage may be broken but my love for my daughters is unchanged,nobody even the british embassy there cannot seem to do anything. 10/12/2005 00:33:44
Cornelia Kurz Tokyo, Japan Not Shown This is not just a problem for foreign fathers but also for foreign mothers. There are also a lot of left behind Japanese Dads within Japan as well. There are also even left behind Japanese moms who had children with men from other non-Hague countries (such as Iran for example) where the male parent abducted the child. No matter how you look at it, it is really hard to stomach so much injustice against children in a country that has come so incredibly far in such a short period of time, economically, socially, etc. The family court system with no enforcement options is truly a joke here. The message to all foreigners thinking of marriage to Japanese citizens and having children is: don't. Or, make sure your future spouse is one with no female family surviving. Or get a battery of psychological tests to make sure the future spouse is stable. Mail order brides need to be extra careful (from Europe, Philippines, Thailand, etc). Often economically very disadvantaged, and with no education, no English, no computer skills, these women have nothing with which to fight when their marriage fails and they too easily lose their children in the divorce. These mothers just disappear, get deported, in worst case commit suicide. The damage to the self esteem of the children into adulthood and until death is well documented. Every one loses. 04/12/2005 13:31:17
Eric Kalmus Culver City, California, United States Not Shown I lost my daughter to the country of Japan in 1998. Shame on you Japan you are destroying lives 04/12/2005 05:18:07
Steven R. Leduc Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan Hi there everyone, I've now been living in Japan for roughly just over 15 years. My first marriage ended in divorce with a son. My previous wife being Japanese, did various things to always try to control me through my son. We then eventually went to family court and I really found out how impartial they were(what a joke). And although I have a record and the ex graduated in law at a prestigious university(although she failed to pass the national bar exam), she still refuses to abide by the contents of the record. After searching countless sites for information on books relating to these problems in respect with Japan, I basically have found nothing. So after gathering my notes from the past 15 years and ongoing, I've written a book titled "What Happens When You Marry A Japanese, Have Children and It Doesn't Work Out". It specifically refers to all situations that can probably happen to you when you take on the Japanese parent who technically abducts your child(ren) from you(you being the Foreign parent or the Japanese parent whom is usually the parent in a disadvantageous position). I'm not a shy person and I've written it as a true story with real names. I guess someone has to make a stand. Then the Japanese authorities won't be able to say that it was made up. In the book I pretty well stated that abduction is usually carried out by either a parent, a relative, a friend and/or a complete stranger. Need I say more. Japan is always accusing a certain country of abducting their citizens and it's advertised in great detail on the internet, on the TV news stations, as well as in the newspapers. But what's ever written about or seen on TV about the Japanese themselves who abduct children from within their own country and abroad as well. Basically nothing. It's as if the problem never existed or to put it in a more simplified version, it was swept under the rug. So to make a long story short, I'm looking for advice on how to get my book published worldwide and especially in Japan. Any advice would be greatly aprreciated. Looking forward to hearing some great responses. Most Japanese are very well aware of their citizens being abducted by another country where as most Japanese aren't aware of the Japanese themselves abducting children from within Japan as well as outside Japan. Well a great book in their language will probably be the best way to shed some light on the situation. Well that's about it for now. In the meantime take care, enjoy and think positive!!! Steven 29/11/2005 06:54:19
M J himeji, Japan Not Shown 27/11/2005 14:00:08
James Miller Tokyo, Japan Not Shown It is truly unfair and terrible that a Japanese court will not give the cahnce for children to fairly share mother and a father. Both are needed. 22/11/2005 12:21:42
angela holmes broadstairs,kent,england, United Kingdom Not Shown my grandchildren were abducted by thier mother july 2004 since then wehave not even recieved a photo or any news of the girls,to date 17/11/05 their mother has been sent money by my son(letters,money,presents,sent by other ,members of the family have been ignored,the girls have a large extended family,who are quite close,including a cousin who is only 13 days older than one of the girls,who asks constantly,about them,it is very heartbreaking, 17/11/2005 22:49:45
ian holev athens, Greece Not Shown 02/11/2005 14:45:38
GERALD BRADLEY LONDON, United Kingdom GERALD.BRADLEY -atsymbol- ATOSORIGIN.COM 02/11/2005 14:17:20
rama boy ikebukuro toshima city, Japan Not Shown hi,everyone,day by day i guess i am just another of those of us that you may call gaijin if it{that word}comes out easy out of your mouth easily.well,to cut it short,i became a victim a long time even before i knew what was or what will happen.guys,this is the government that is doing all this to us and not their wifes.why,because you cannot accord so anybody the right to be in the government protection shelter unless they really qualify for that situation.we all also know how someone qualifies on these eithr are a wife beater or mistreating your kids and thats the only way how she{wife}can run away because of fear and go to their city offices and demand a shelter protection.leave alone the long arm of the law of every country{police},wich is always there to protect every being.but without these proved cases, i personally dont see any way to qualify.i am so sorry to all of you but thats how i see my case. 02/11/2005 12:15:41
Graham Finch Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 02/11/2005 06:12:47
Diane Leake Perth , Australia Not Shown 01/11/2005 07:09:40
Stefan B. London UK, Japan Not Shown 31/10/2005 22:38:44
Bob Hosobuchi Bangkok, Thailand Not Shown 31/10/2005 09:49:33
Paul Wadsworth Iriso, Japan Not Shown It seems very wrong to me that a father can be refused any access what so ever to his child purely on the whim of the mother. 31/10/2005 09:23:39
Andy Pye Canberra, Australia Not Shown What a bitch! 31/10/2005 05:01:42
andy beezer tokyo, Japan Not Shown the worse case scenario -Either parent being denied access to their son 31/10/2005 04:19:51
Greg Alder Sydney, Australia Not Shown 30/10/2005 23:27:10
Andrew Foxlee Sydney, Australia Not Shown 30/10/2005 23:26:31
Rob C Sydney, Australia Not Shown Dodgy 30/10/2005 23:23:19
Damian Fitzgerald osaka, Japan Not Shown 30/10/2005 23:05:08
Amy Wright Sydney, Australia 30/10/2005 23:01:11
Monty Noble Sydney, Australia Not Shown Denying access to either parent has been shown to harm a child's development in many ways. For the sake of the children, these laws need to be brought into this century. 30/10/2005 22:50:04
Christopher Loh Singapore, Singapore Not Shown 30/10/2005 13:25:08
robert george burnham on sea, Japan for such an advanced nation I cant believe that this is necessary 29/10/2005 20:52:11
Gloria Lujan Los Anglels, United States Not Shown As a grandparent my entire family has suffered along with my son the loss of his child and his wife. In his case it is his mother in law who has stolen his life. She took his wife, his home, his car, and greatest theft of all his only child. This wonderful little girl who we all love in our family will never get to know her own father or her paternal heritage. She is a pawn, not loved but used only to hurt her father. How sad and uncaring is this society that pulls a child from their parents arms, forcing them to grow up never knowing the love of both a father and a mother.The person who suffers the greatest hurt of all is the innocent child. Japan is a country left in the middle ages in terms of childrens rights and mental health. How sad. The child has to remain with the Japanese national parent no matter how deranged, or incapable of raising a child they are. Often being adopted by grandparents who are the very offenders of the childs rights. In the case of my granchild these people, who were allowed to adopt my sons child, without his permission, are often violent with each other. What kind of lenvironment is that for an innocent child to grow up in when she is so loved and teasured by her father and his entire family. 29/10/2005 11:01:35
Fig Taylor London, United Kingdom Not Shown 29/10/2005 09:22:58
sheila griffin brooklyn, ny, United States Not Shown 26/10/2005 10:05:58
Richard Penny Oxford, United Kingdom Not Shown 21/10/2005 11:19:52
travis lear secret, Japan Not Shown lets do something and stop talking, i hope this helps, FUCK. 21/10/2005 08:06:38
Adam Sorkin Kamakura, Japan Not Shown 19/10/2005 08:14:17
chabtini mario Ville st-Laurent, Canada Not Shown 05/10/2005 16:36:52
gagne solange laval, Canada Not Shown 25/09/2005 03:21:21
Lacasse Thérèse Montreal (Québec) Canada, Japan Not Shown 20/09/2005 15:55:33
Louise Harbour Otterburn Park, Canada Not Shown As a practising attorney of 23 years, I am appalled firstly of the fundemental injustice perpertrated by the japanese courts who systematically protect the japanese parent regardless of right or of fault. The nationality of a litigant should not be the deciding factor to weigh in on a tribunal's decision. Secondly, I am shocked by the indifference of the japanese public and even more so of civilized and developped nations and finally of the UN. Courts are a mechanism put in place to protect the weak and innocent. The children that are being deprived of a parent simply because that parent is not of japanese descent is past improper and unjust, it is obscene. In 2005, that such an injustice can occur in a so-called modern society is beyond comprehension. This stance is backward, medievil and ultimately does great disservice to the child who is deprived of an intrinsic part of his or her childhood by being deprived of one parent. Steps must be taken internally by japanese society to join the modern world. By the way, is there no concern for justice in the land of the Rising Sun ? Someday, many sons may rise in disgust with the treatment that their country has afforded their fathers. .. 20/09/2005 04:28:04
James Harbour Otterburn Park, Canada Not Shown A child has a right and a need for both parents. It is harmful for the child to be needlessly prevented from seeing a parent on the whim of the other. It is against the child's fundemental human rights of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The japanese courts are not biaised against a gender but against all non-japanese which is a form of racism in itself. 20/09/2005 04:15:33
Justin Baxter yokosuka, Japan 13/09/2005 19:02:15
jeannine chabtini canada, Canada Not Shown 31/08/2005 20:41:09
Micheline & Alain Brussart Versaille, France Not Shown My husband, our 3 children and I would also like to bring our support to a dear friend of ours Patrick G. struggling between an archaic Japanese family system and an abusive wife and mother since now more than 3 years. We could not agree more with Michiko's ( a mutual friend of ours ) above statement, she said it all. Japan has to change it's laws in order to satisfy equaly both parties in a divorce in place of adding fuel to the fire, divorce is always a hardship for the ones involved and foremost for the children so why make it more difficult. Children need BOTH PARENTS plain and simple. This after all is nothing less than a HUMAN RIGHTS matter and Japan as a modern nation should and must lead the way, comply, obey by it's rules. We 'd also like to extend our support to all the left behind japanese and foreign fathers, foreign mothers and above all the children, who see their life tragically destroyed. Thank you to the Father's Rights In Japan website enable us to express ourselves and support our dear ones in this painful situation. 24/08/2005 14:17:49
Michiko Fujita Paris, France Not Shown As a Japanese national I was extremely shocked to learn how my fellow citizen behave before, during and after an international divorce. First, as a woman I can not imagine how a mother can take in her own hands the decision of what's best for the children by either kidnapping them to Japan seeking refuge or not allowing the left behind father regular access to their children, that is CHILD ABUSE. Second, as a Japanese I am ashamed to see that the Japanese Family Courts will always automatically back up the sinful japanese parent than the victim foreign parent not even stopping to consider the well being of the children, who after all are the one's who suffer the most, no question about them needing BOTH PARENTS. No doubt about it Japan must urgently amend it's old out dated laws in this regard, stop discrimination against foreign mothers and fathers and become a signatory of the Hague Convention of International Child Abduction and apply the United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child, it signed. Strange enough in the Japanese media, Japan regularly complains about Japanese national abduction by North Korea and demands their immediate return, why is Japan's position on international child abduction and international divorce issues very similar to the one of North Korea, shouldn't they act differently and show the way by their good will to comply with International Conventions instead of pointing the finger at North Korea. As a friend of a French father who posted a short comment in this same petition, and continues to struggle, I was appaled to see how an abusive japanese wife and japanese family system can destroy a mans life. He is a father of two boys living in Nagoya, Japan, now 9 and 6 years old and whom he loves very deeply. It is today more than 3 years he hasn't been able to see, to talk, have access and visitation to his sons this only due to his wife's self-centered attitude not willing to reach an agreement without involving the Japanese courts who she knows very well will no matter what be always in her favour, her purpose was very clear even before starting any legal procedures. He now knows too very well that he will never again see his children and is only left to face this cruel reality. Therefore I strongly support this petition. 23/08/2005 17:39:41
Nick George Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 23/08/2005 03:09:14
scott Boulier Kumamoto-shi, Japan Not Shown As the result of a divorse I was not able to have visition to my son for a period of 1.5 years it almost destroyed me,curtainly harmed my sons Pyschy.She actually told him I died.I live in the same city and have every right to be here legally.I went to his school one day and when he seen me ,he called a his hero for coming back to life.It hasnt been easy.What I do have is regular visits with him.Avoiding the courts,setting up a joint agreement for the benefit of his well being.Its not easy but I will not give up this battle,its mine.God bless you all.This is the only story I know of ,every foriegner I have met has not been this fortunate.This change in any law or agreement must come from within Japanese men,it will never come thru out foriegners intevention.I know the structure of the family system too well.When the men stand up for there ouwn siblings in this country will only things change. 02/07/2005 02:28:41
George Obiso Gold Coast, Australia Not Shown Japan should wake-up and open their eyes, children need both parent. parental abduction is a crime 30/06/2005 16:09:03
Eleanor Wilson Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom As grandparents my husband and I have watched our son being abused by the system. His one year and one month old son was abducted by his mother and taken to Japan illegally. My son gave her time to reconsider and eventually had to go to the Supreme court of B.C., and was granted sole custody care and guardianship of his son. Which the Canadian courts have no control over because Japan is not a signatory of the Hague Convention. His wife refused to communacate with him he tried Foriegn Affairs and even mediation through the social services in canada and Japan. Which she refused to acknowledge. (our son lived in Canada at the time, he has since moved to Scotland) Child Abduction is Control and Abuse it must stop for the childrens sake. 17/06/2005 09:02:36
Christopher Whitney Izumi City, Japan Not Shown Japan must change it's laws in recognition that Japanese society is changing. Every year there is a greater number of non-Japanese living here and contributing to society. More than that, however, the Japanese people continue to change and modernize. Only the law and bureaucracy have failed to follow. 14/06/2005 02:47:19
Toshyiyuki Saito Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 11/06/2005 15:10:58
Matt O'Connor Brisbane, Australia Not Shown This is a human rights issue. Let's try to get more organisations like Amnesty International behind us. Yours in solidarity, Matt 09/06/2005 05:23:57
Carlos Smith Kawasaki, Japan Not Shown 03/05/2005 00:56:01
antoine williams London, United Kingdom Not Shown 13/04/2005 01:24:22
Rick Molakala Tokyo, Japan 04/04/2005 04:21:36
LEE JAY WALKER MANCHESTER - TOKYO, Japan Not Shown I lost my children via the Courts of England and Wales who send children to non-Hague nations. I have signed court order which states that they should reside with me for two months a year, however, this order can not be enforced because JAPAN violates the rights of children and ignores other national courts. Japan and North Korea allow child abduction and children alienation, and this also applies to Japanese nationals who can not see their respective children in Japan. Japan should be ashamed to allow this, and the Courts of England and Wales should be ashamed for sending children to non-Hague nations. Yours sincerely Lee Jay Walker 10/03/2005 11:43:29
Gavin H Osaka, Japan Not Shown 27/01/2005 09:47:09
RACQUEL BUSTILLO Cebu, Philippines Not Shown 29/12/2004 10:10:12
Crispin Moorey Sakai, Japan Not Shown I agree with the above statement. We are talking about the rights of children here. 09/12/2004 16:13:22
Ron Wilson Glasgow/Scotland, United Kingdom One Parent Keeping there child(ren) away from another loving parent !!!! Two word's sum it up!!! CHILD ABUSE !!!!!!!!!!!! 08/11/2004 10:10:58
John Evans London, United Kingdom Not Shown 26/10/2004 12:53:47
Peter Huddleston Hamamatsu, Japan Not Shown It's bad enough for Japanese Fathers but, for us foreign fathers it's even worse. Let's bring some justice down here. Don't puinish us becuase are marriages weren't succesful. 13/10/2004 05:41:32
Owen Jones Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 10/10/2004 04:50:05
Frank Young Sapporo, Japan Not Shown 02/10/2004 02:10:01
Pete Juds Tokyo, Japan I did not see anywhere on this site the suggestion that perhaps the antiquated authorities do realise that the laws make life incredibly difficult for all parties after a divorce. That in fact this is a punishment for all the parties concerned.In effect they are saying, "Stay married or suffer the cosequences!" That society is potentially screwed up is not someting they consider. 01/10/2004 21:56:40
Roy Waite Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 30/09/2004 14:50:04
Craig Nixon Tokyo, Japan Not Shown I'm sure you have tried but why don't things like this get out into the international media . The world needs to know about such things in the world's second largest economy. Through global pressure I can only hope that the backward mentality in this nation will get up to speed with the rest of the world. I can only hope. 01/09/2004 05:49:08
Rahul P Poona, India Not Shown 29/08/2004 20:45:48
Miharu Nakajima Kazo, Japan Not Shown 29/08/2004 08:03:48
David Melbourne Port Huron, United States Not Shown 29/08/2004 03:01:15
martin johnson kyoto, Japan Not Shown It is an evil thing to not let a father see his son.To not oversee his growing up,his health and education.Every child needs his father 23/08/2004 09:12:38
Elaine Kenny Minneapolis, United States Not Shown 19/08/2004 15:39:28
robert stone sydney, Australia Not Shown I support thus petition 02/08/2004 15:26:06
Sam Dessi Wetherby, United Kingdom This is a basic human right I would have thought. 18/07/2004 22:47:09
Yuki Ito Tokyo, Japan Not Shown Equal rights for everybody. Japanese old system need to be changed. 15/07/2004 01:13:27
jeanne shimazaki meguro-ku Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 14/07/2004 21:32:44
Richard Isaac Tokyo, Japan I have been there...... It is still a dangerous balancing act for me and my son. I will never let him fall. It takes incredible courage, time and effort to fight for equality in Japan. There is no equality. Only one can win. This Fixation Must CHANGE. Two Parents EQUAL rights for both. 14/07/2004 20:52:28
Patrick Granzotto Paris , France Not Shown No matter what happens between the parents childrens should never be used in anyway in their conflict , differences etc... Best parent is BOTH PARENTS ; 11/07/2004 02:53:07
Peter Carretta Sydney, Australia The archaic family laws need to be changed. The children need it most of all. 29/06/2004 02:14:56
Joseph zammit Canberra, Australia Not Shown It takes a mother and a father to create and raise a child. Who are we to dictate that this is no longer so. The more we deny contact of children with both their parents the more we harm ourselves and future generations. 24/06/2004 01:51:31
Ross Mitchell Raymond Terrace, Australia Not Shown Equal Parenting during marraige Discrimination after divorce The exact same thing exists here in Australia. 17/06/2004 15:50:05
Matthew Range Lewisville, United States 15/06/2004 18:28:30
Ngaire Takano Berkshire, United Kingdom Not Shown 15/06/2004 13:11:37
Jim Ware Atlanta, United States Not Shown Japan is part of the Haig convention right? So by all rights they should enforce these rights. 06/06/2004 00:04:47
Julian Larkin Sydney, Australia Not Shown 29/05/2004 01:14:58
Koichi Tateno Kawasaki, Japan Not Shown Now I have realised so many children living in this country have unreasonably limited access to their parents. Surely, the law needs a fix. 26/05/2004 15:21:27
david matthews brisbane, Australia Not Shown Laws should be just and that to me means equality for everybody and no discrimination. 26/05/2004 11:42:18
Robert Thomas Brisbane, Australia Not Shown I would also add "regardless of thier gender" to the end of the first sentence. Also the grammar of the exception is not great, but that may be due to translation to english. 26/05/2004 09:57:54
david harvey Melbourne, Australia Children worldwide deserve equal shared parenting. All good people that have considered the arguments agree with this view. For a better Japan and a better world, support the rights of children to have an equal relationship with both parents. 26/05/2004 08:17:22
Graham Jones Gold Coast, Australia, Australia I have just come back from living 5 years in Japan. I came back with my wife and son but after a period of only one month my wife left with my son back to Japan. Now I can't contact her and she will not answer my calls. Its been a year since I have seen my son. Every day is a struggle for me as I come to terms with the realisation of a future without my son whom I love very dearly. 26/05/2004 04:17:35
Michael Day Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 25/05/2004 18:38:49
Jan Baker NSW, Australia Not Shown Every child has the right to both parents and their grandparents. 25/05/2004 15:44:11
Alexander Peniazev Sydney, Australia Not Shown 25/05/2004 14:19:40
S Bonnes Woodroffe, Australia Not Shown 50/50 is the only effective preventative measure against child abuse. 25/05/2004 13:55:35
abraham onassis sydney, Australia abraham)onassis-atsymbol-excite .com I support this petition 100%. If it were women who treated like this by the family courts, there would be an outrage, but for some strange reason, discrimination is acceptable if directed at fathers. 24/05/2004 04:10:52
ashvani patil melbourne, Australia Not Shown 23/05/2004 04:18:06
Brian Mahony Grafton N.S.W., Australia Not Shown 50/50 is for the children 22/05/2004 15:39:12
Lindsay Jackel Melbourne, Australia Not Shown 21/05/2004 08:50:44
Michael Raisis Brisbane, Australia Not Shown 21/05/2004 02:50:36
Loyd Collins Perth, Australia Not Shown Join Fathers 4 Justice! 21/05/2004 02:22:06
Fabio Cangelosi Gold coast, Australia Not Shown Why has Japan followed the western world with these abusive, human rights violations of laws. 21/05/2004 02:07:29
Darren Williams Tokyo, Japan Not Shown 20/05/2004 18:20:25
Linda Haley Anytown, United States Not Shown 18/05/2004 00:56:33
Jennifer Mason Norwich, United Kingdom Not Shown 17/05/2004 19:58:14
Lynda Buckeridge Canberra, Australia Would 'Lynda Buckeridge' who posted a previous comment please contact me... I think I have found my twin! 30/03/2004 06:08:47
Jason Brown Colorado, United States Virgin Islands 28/03/2004 08:18:05
Roberto Mecchia Shizuoka, Japan Not Shown 22/03/2004 02:48:41
Terry Dolling Byron Bay, Australia Not Shown 17/03/2004 11:59:27
John Zendano Tokyo, Japan Joint custody did not exist and I was forced to get a divorce to see my son. The court judge even admitted that the law may be OK in Japan but there is no enforcement over family issues. My x wife was allowed to leave Japan with my son and I have not seen him since. Please change the law See 29/02/2004 01:17:00
Jeff Chapman Nagoya, Japan Not Shown Kids need their parents, plain and simple. No matter what happens between the parents, whether they stay together or break up, the kids need loving parents throughout their entire lives. Japan's unwillingness to support enforced visitation is an international disgrace and morally irresponsible, and the laws must be amended to allow both parents to support and visit their kids to the fullest. 21/02/2004 02:48:29
Jason Rafton Saga, Japan Not Shown My ex-wife has taken custody of my our son and refuses visitation. The police won't help....but after an argument my ex and I had, the police actually threatened to arrest me if I created any more trouble. (meiwaku shita) They made me sign a piece of paper at the police station stating that I would not create any troble for my ex wife, concerning visitation or custody. If I did they would arrest me on assault that she alleges happened. I have no hope of seeing my son again. Jason 16/02/2004 08:13:41
Syed Ali J. Zaidi Osaka, Japan Yes Japanese law need changes for international father rights its very hard for them those who are living withouf their childern and their ex wife took away their loving childern 29/01/2004 14:47:15
Michael Starr Tokyo, Japan Not Shown My 2yr old daughter hasn't been allowed to see her father for nearly one year, and a 3mos old son has NEVER met his father as a result of the Family Court system. 28/01/2004 11:31:50
John Clarke Norwich, United Kingdom Not Shown 12/12/2003 21:17:12
JOhn donaldson Yokosuka, Japan Not Shown My wife decided to kidnap my daughter 09/12/2003 03:36:47
yusuke ohgami tokyo, Japan Not Shown I also think so as you say.Japanese low is quite unjust! Particularly,What do fathers do for children. My case is very symbolic. My wife had gone her sister home with my son(7YO) who did not agree with her. I sued her 10month ago. The mediator was like a her barrister..... I quite did depression. But 10month later My son ...he came back to me! And he appealed that I wanna stay here because there is my father I love! Japan family low already cause too much tragedies! Nowadays, In Japan , Children who can not father or mother are 4,500,000! 26/11/2003 02:01:27
Daniel Parker Nottingham, United Kingdom Not Shown 24/11/2003 21:13:38
Aly march london, Japan Not Shown 22/11/2003 19:11:20
Walter Benda Max Meadows, United States Japanese family courts should also extend these access rights to all of the child's grandparents and extended family and require parents to jointly formulate a parenting plan prior to approving a divorce. 16/11/2003 14:57:36
Mayanne Kenny Whippany, N. J., United States Not Shown I am appalled by the archaic custody laws of (so called) Modern Japan. I weep for those parents who are being victimized by a court system that can not possibly care about the emotional well being of the children that are involved. 15/11/2003 09:41:39
Thomas Kenny Nisshin, Japan Not Shown 12/11/2003 04:04:58
Michel Pat Kanazawa, Japan Not Shown Best of luck getting these cromagnons to change their racist rules. 28/10/2003 15:25:25
Paul Toland Yokohama, Japan Not Shown Currently undergoing family mediation in Japan and child is being withheld by Japanese mother. 28/10/2003 00:45:48
david allen hartlepool, United Kingdom Not Shown justice for ALL 26/10/2003 18:28:12
Tyrone Hayward Tokyo , Japan Not Shown This is a shade of "racism" here in Japan against a gaigin parent, after all what else can it be called. 10/10/2003 15:20:38
James De Carlo Yokota, Shimane, Japan I'm acquainted with several "abduction" cases and the hypocritical stance of jJapanese "justtice", particularly where foreign parents are involved. Japan needs to become signatory to the Hague Convention. 08/10/2003 14:52:36
Andrew Mossberg South Miami, United States Not Shown 05/10/2003 17:40:54
Mark Sargent Shinagawa, Japan Not Shown I truly believe thalling. Any culture that supports this kind of out-dated thinking is not fit to participate in an open world and should be told so, in no uncertain terms. Purely disgraceful. Am not suprised, though, not at all. Mark Sargent 23/09/2003 16:52:34
Andy Smith Otone Machi Saitama, Japan Not Shown I love my girl Yuko-Natalie, I lost her at the age of 12, she is now 20 and I have not heard from her.I believe her mind was poisioned against me or maybe she was told I am dead. 21/09/2003 14:29:05
Gerard Pierre LEVESQUE NARA, Japan Not Shown At last a pro-male site. Ganbare! 19/09/2003 10:50:05
Kevyn Adams Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan I am a u.s. citizen who has been living more than 10 years in Japan. I am also a divorced father.My now (ex) is a Japanese. she kidnapped my daughter from me five years ago. we were divorced in the Japanese courts, under the current existing divorce laws of Japan,I have absolutely no visitation or custody rights whatsoever. none. zero.zilch. nada. I haven't seen my daughter in four years now, and I am now faced with the harsh,cruel reality, that I may never ever see her ever again.I have no contact with my ex,who has gone to great pains and lengths,to make sure I have absolutely no contact with her whatsoever. she moved,changed her address,phone number ect...the japanese courts,in all their great wisdom, just automatically gave my daughter to my wife,without even stopping to consider me,in any way shape or form,just like I don't even exist. 19/09/2003 02:51:12
Jeremy Angel Fujimi-machi, Japan Not Shown I'm happily married, but neither I nor my wife could conceive denying the other visitation rights were we ever to part. Japan is medieval in this respect, and needs to get its act together. 16/09/2003 22:02:09
Greg Alcorn Armidale, Australia Not Shown Japan has abrogated its international responsibility by not signing the Hague convention. 15/09/2003 07:45:45
Jamila Abdullahzaya Baku, Azerbaijan Not Shown 13/09/2003 15:21:50
Lynda Buckeridge Sydney, Australia Not Shown 13/09/2003 15:21:44
David Smythe Saitama, Japan Not Shown 13/09/2003 15:11:36